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White Ribbon Day FAQs

When is White Ribbon Day 2019? What does the white ribbon stand for? What can I do on White Ribbon Day?

Find the answers to your questions, and more, below.


When is White Ribbon Day 2019?

White Ribbon Day 2019 is on Friday 22 November.

When is White Ribbon Day each year?

White Ribbon Day falls on the last Friday before 25 November, each year.
2019: Friday 22nd November
2020: Friday 20th November
2021: Friday 19th November
2022: Friday 18th November

Why did the date change?

Out of respect for the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (25 November), we are moving White Ribbon Day to the Friday before.

White Ribbon Australia continues to support this day, the United Nations UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign and the 16 Days of Activism campaign which is held internationally from 25 November – 10 December each year.


What is White Ribbon Day?

White Ribbon Day is Australia’s largest awareness day, to prevent men’s violence against women. Communities from all over the country come together in November to stand up, speak out and act, and say ‘no’ to gendered violence.


Why is White Ribbon Day important?

In Australia, one woman a week is killed at the hands of a current or former partner. One in two women experience sexual harassment during their lifetime.

Violence against women is at epidemic levels in Australia. It takes all of us, together as a community, to say ‘no’, and end men’s violence against women. White Ribbon Day is a day to bring awareness to the issue and encourage Australians to stand up, speak out and act.


How do I get my community involved in White Ribbon Day?

Get your community together this White Ribbon Day to say no to men’s violence against women in Australia. Download your Community Action Kit for more information.

How do I get my workplace involved in White Ribbon Day?

Download our White Ribbon Day Workplace Action Kit for ideas on how to get your workplace involved in White Ribbon Day 2018.

How do I get my school involved in White Ribbon Day?

Download our White Ribbon Day School Action Kit for more information about how your school can get involved in White Ribbon Day 2018.

How do I register?

Register your event on our website to be featured on our website, get an Ambassador or Advocate to your event, receive an Event Kit, and to get additional support from our Events team.

How do I get an Ambassador or Advocate to my event?

Register your event with us first, and make sure you tick the box to get a representative to attend your event!

How do I make a donation?

Firstly, thank you! We are so grateful that you want to donate to White Ribbon. You can visit the link below to make your donation.

I have some questions about hosting

To learn more about running an event, hosting, fundraising rules and other event queries, please visit our Events FAQs


Where can I buy a white ribbon?

You can buy a white ribbon from our online store, or in person from a list of stockists.

Where do I deposit funds after my event?

We hope your event went well! Deposit your funds through your event page.

Social media

What is the hashtag for White Ribbon Day?

Use #whiteribbonday, #whiteribbonday2019 or just #whiteribbon to acknowledge White Ribbon Day 2019. Hosts can also use #WhiteRibbonEvents and be featured in our gallery. Don’t forget to tag us at @WhiteRibbonAust.

What should I put on my social media?

Check out our Social Media Pack for more ways to get involved on social media.

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