Prevent men’s violence against women

White Ribbon Day Resources


White Ribbon Day 2018 is on Friday 23 November, and is Australia’s national day for raising awareness of men’s violence against women, and how to prevent it in your community.

This page has a range of resources to support you as you participate in White Ribbon Day, whether it’s hosting an event in your workplace, attending a community march, or just participating on social media.

Action Kits for your community, workplace and school are also on their way so keep an eye out!



Put up posters all over town – use our full page version, or fill in the details in our ’emptybelly’ poster.


Event Banner

Get this banner printed to hang up at your event, or to use at the front of a White Ribbon March.


Email Signature

Use our email signature banner to share your support for White Ribbon Day with the world.


Social media pack

Check out our social media pack for tiles, hashtags, a facebook frame and more.

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Print out and cut up our bunting to add a decorative flair to your event.


Instagram Frame

Get our giant #WhiteRibbon instagram frame printed at your local printer for a fun addition to your event.


Letter of Support

Reach out to local businesses for sponsorship or donations with this editable letter of support.


Media release template

Shout it loud and proud with our media release template – fill in the gaps and share with local newspapers, radio or television for some extra exposure at your event.


In Support logo

You are welcome to create your own posters, social media tiles, etc for White Ribbon Day. Please make sure you use the In Support Logo when designing your collateral.



Find out more about what to do when someone discloses abuse, what primary prevention is, and how you can prevent violence every day. Print some factsheets and hand them out at your event.

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Violence against women statistics

We have collected the latest facts and figures on men’s violence against women, including domestic violence statistics. Read about the impact of domestic violence on women and children in Australia.

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Download our infographic tiles to use, to spread awareness of the reality of violence against women in Australia.


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