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Diversity and inclusion

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Diversity and inclusion

Australia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Diversity and inclusion is an important part of Australian way of life. White Ribbon Australia celebrates and embraces diversity in all its forms. At White Ribbon, diversity does not just mean different ethnicities, races and religions, but also includes gender, age, abilities, perspectives, social and economic backgrounds, life experiences and all other aspects that makes one unique.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who are the traditional custodians of this land with their history stemming back more than 40,000 years. White Ribbon pays its respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders, past and present.

Our unique identity and spirit

Almost one in four Australian residents is born outside of Australia, they speak different languages and practice different religions. This wide variety of backgrounds has enriched Australia and has given it unique identity and spirit.

White Ribbon works closely with Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and multicultural communities to ensure cultural awareness is at the forefront of everything it does. We ensure that the White Ribbon engagement initiatives are equitable and inclusive.

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