Prevent men’s violence against women

At a party your mate says: "Those girls look really drunk. Let's take them upstairs."

Do you let it happen?

Draw the line.

Your mate says he's excited to hit the club Friday and pick up drunk girls.

Do you go along with it?

Draw the line.

Your classmate says her ex keeps following her after school and it creeps her out.

Do you tell them it's just a coincidence?

Draw the line.

You overhear a tutor telling his student how her grades would be better if she returned his texts.

Do you tell someone?

Draw the line.

Where would you draw the line? This is a campaign about learning how you can prevent sexual harassment and violence at school and at university. Consent is freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic and specific. If it's not all of those things, it's not consent.


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