Prevent men’s violence against women

Community Event

Decrease the Dread – Lopping off the locks to raise awareness of men’s violence against women

24 November 2017

10:30 am - 11:30 am
William McCormack Place, 5b Sheridan Street, Cairns, Queensland, 4870
Adam Rowden

After 5 years of growing my dreadlocks, they have become a huge a part of who I am and how I see myself, I’m quite often referred to as “oh yeah, the guy with dreads”.

My two boys have never seen me without them and my daughter was only one when I first got them so she can’t ever really remember daddy without his noodles (dreads).

Being a son, husband, brother, uncle, friend and the father of three beautiful children, I am passionate about setting an example of how a “real man” should treat woman. I want my daughter to grow up seeing/knowing the way she deserves to be treated, for her to know that she is beautiful and has an unwavering strength that a “real man” will try not to diminish but rather embrace. I also want my two boys to grow up seeing that woman should be treated as the treasures they are, that woman should be loved and supported but most importantly respected. Therefore I have made the weighty decision (imagine the weight of my two foot long dreads) to sacrifice my dreadlocks to raise funds for White Ribbon Australia.

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