Prevent men’s violence against women

Schools Event

White Ribbon Ceremony

22 November 2018

9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Granville Boys High School, 14 Mary Street, Granville, New South Wales, 2142

Granville Boys High completed the Breaking the Silence program in 2016 and officially became a White Ribbon school in 2017. The school is committed to educating our young men about respect towards all women in order to break the cycle of violence. To do this we will be holding our third annual White Ribbon Assembly on 22.11.18. We will also be engaging the wider community and increasing their awareness of respectful relationships and gender equity by inviting parents/families, police (PYLOs), local primary schools, members of council/parliament, sporting teams and hopefully a White Ribbon ambassador. Lessons regarding respectful relationships and challenging hypermasculinity will also be taught during PE classes during the week of the assembly. We are also working with local police to organise a march around our local community as part of the assembly. There will also be a morning tea for our guests after the assembly, where donations for White Ribbon can be collected.

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