Schools Event

White Ribbon Day

23 November 2018

9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Bentley Park College, McLaughlin Rd, Bentley Park, Queensland, 4869
Angela Hardy

White Ribbon Day (Senior School Event). A Staff and also a Student Committee have been formed to coordinate event and lead towards next years events. Prior to the day volunteer students will place a white balloon in mail boxes to request they are placed on their letter box on the day. Students will also write a message on a white hand prior to the even so they can be displayed out the front of the school. Students to wear white tops for the day and give a $1 donation, Informative videos to be provided during first lesson to all students to be held during lunchtime. Bbq and Cakes to be sold. A photo of students in white to be taken either an overhead shot (if able) or group shot. This is a Senior School Staff and Student Event to raise money and provide awareness.

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