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Fatherhood Expert Reference Group (Voluntary)

White Ribbon Australia Fatherhood Program

With the support of the Australian Government, White Ribbon Australia is launching the Fatherhood Program. For many men, fatherhood is a time of transformation that inspires a deeper understanding about the importance of their role to act as positive agents of social change.

This whole-of-community program will be engaging men – as fathers, soon to be fathers, or those in father figure roles – to model and foster positive and respectful attitudes and behaviours towards girls and women. White Ribbon Australia will be engaging men from all cultural backgrounds across Australia through their involvement in White Ribbon Australia events and programs and interactions with White Ribbon Australia Ambassadors.

Role of the ‘Expert Reference Group’

An ‘Expert Reference Group’ will be established to guide the development and implementation of the White Ribbon Australia Fatherhood Program Activity Work Plan; specifically with the purpose to:

  • Provide advice for networking with key community organisations and service groups, developing collaborative partnerships, and promoting the Program throughout Australia.
  • Review, and provide advice on appropriate and accessible Fatherhood Program content and resources for distribution to stakeholders – including Ambassadors – and participants.
  • Identify and share are existing and emerging best practice ‘strength-based’ engagement strategies with the Program’s participants to address KPIs and achieve positive outcomes.
  • Use your individual expertise inform the Program’s development and contribute towards the positive engagement of men and boys to participate in the White Ribbon social movement.

Responsibilities and Principles

Members of the Reference Group are required to:

  • Be actively engaged in the ‘Expert Reference Group’ process, and be prepared to participate if required in subgroups, that may be formed, to work on specific issues.
  • Be contactable/available, within reasonable time, to provide advice between meetings, if required.
  • Engage in respectful and constructive dialogue throughout the life of the ‘Expert Reference Group’ and where appropriate, provide specific advice and expertise as required.
  • Maintain confidentiality on all matters raised, discussed and considered, including written material, as part of your membership of the ‘Expert Reference Group’ and its contribution to the White Ribbon Australia Fatherhood Program.


  • The ‘Expert Reference Group’ will be comprised of 10-12 members with expertise selected through an Expression of Interest process.
  • The aim is to ensure the broadest and the most balanced possible representation in terms of geography, cultural and gender diversity, and expertise.
  • Members will be appointed as being affiliated with White Ribbon Australia as Ambassadors or Advocates, or as individuals, or as representatives of a particular sector or organisation.
  • Members will be appointed initially for 12 months, and membership is open for suitably qualified individuals aged over 18 years.
  • Membership may be reviewed, as necessary, to address any identified gaps in expertise.
  • White Ribbon reserves the right to replace a member who fails to attend two consecutive meetings without any reasonable explanation.
  • An ‘Expert Reference Group’ member can resign from the group by providing four weeks’ notice. It is not mandatory for White Ribbon Australia to accept the recommendation from the resigning member for a replacement.


  • The ‘Expert Reference Group’ will meet by teleconference for a minimum of three times over 12 months, with at least one face-to-face meeting during that period held at the White Ribbon Australia Office in Sydney.
  • The meetings will be convened by the Fatherhood Program Coordinator. Members will receive the meeting papers at least one week prior to each meeting.
  • ‘Expert Reference Group’ members will be invited to chair the meetings in rotation. An external meeting facilitator may be engaged if required.
  • The Fatherhood Program Coordinator or a nominee will attend each meeting. Other White Ribbon Australia Staff may attend meetings as observers and present to the Group.
  • While White Ribbon Australia will consider recommendations made by the ‘Expert Reference Group’, it is not mandatory for White Ribbon Australia to accept these recommendations. However, White Ribbon will provide a formal explanation to the Reference Group if the recommendation is not accepted.
  • Members of the ‘Expert Reference Group’ must declare to the facilitator, any interest, potential or real conflict of interest in matters that might be considered by the ‘Expert Reference Group’, at the time of appointment or within two weeks of the knowledge of the conflict of interest, and its context, when it occurs.

Secretariat Support

  • Secretariat support for the ‘Expert Reference Group’ will be provided by the Fatherhood Program Coordinator at White Ribbon Australia.
  • The Secretariat will provide notification, coordination of meetings and the meeting papers.
  • The Secretariat will circulate the minutes of the meetings within two weeks of the meetings.
  • Communication between meetings will be via email.
  • The feedback on the minutes should be provided within one week by ‘Expert Reference Group’ members, otherwise the minutes will be deemed as accepted.
  • It is noted that participation in the ’Expert Reference Group’ is voluntary, and as such no remuneration is payable.
  • A certain level of financial support may be available however to facilitate attendance at the annual face-to-face meeting of the ‘Expert Reference Group’. 

Information Sharing

  • ‘Expert Reference Group’ members may provide relevant advice, guidance, information, documents and resources via scheduled teleconference, face-to-face meetings and as well as out-of-session electronic communications.
  • When sharing information, ‘Expert Reference Group’ members are accountable for ensuring confidentiality, compliance with Copyright restrictions, and limiting circulation to external parties beyond the Group.


These Terms of Reference are dated 7th May 2018.

White Ribbon Australia, in collaboration with the ‘Expert Reference Group’, will review the relevance, structure and the Terms of Reference of the Group at the end of each 12 month period.

How to apply

Expression of Interest (EOI) for the White Ribbon Australia Fatherhood Program ‘Expert Reference Group’ must be lodged by Saturday 30th June 2018 with Ron Mitchell, Fatherhood Program Coordinator, White Ribbon Australia, via email on:

The EOI should include:

  • A brief CV/resume outlining your relevant experience and qualifications.
  • A brief statement addressing the following selection criteria (1-2 pages).
  • The name and contact details of a referee who has worked with you professionally.

Selection criteria

  • Demonstrated expertise in various aspects of the prevention of men’s violence against women.
  • The commitment to inclusive practices that engage with and educate men in a national campaign.
  • Demonstrated experience in the development of innovative training programs and resources.
  • The commitment to maintain confidentially while sharing information, ideas and expertise.


All EOIs received by the due date will be evaluated against the selection criteria by White Ribbon Australia and the applicants will be informed about the outcome.


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