Prevent men’s violence against women


What is the Fatherhood Program?

White Ribbon’s Fatherhood Program engages men – as dads, soon to be dads, or those in caring roles – to create positive social change. Program participants are empowered to redefine masculinity, embrace gender equality, and learn about the importance of being positive role models to influence Australia’s future generations of boys.


Why are male role models important?

For many men, fatherhood is a time of transformation that inspires a deeper understanding about the importance of acting as positive agents of social change.

The Fatherhood Program furthers White Ribbon’s work in creating an Australian society where all women live in safety, free from violence and abuse.


How does it work?

White Ribbon engages men from all cultural backgrounds across Australia through their involvement in White Ribbon Australia events, programs and interactions with our Ambassadors.


Fatherhood Factsheets

A series of factsheets about responsible fatherhood, and how it links to gender equality and ending violence against women. More factsheets are forthcoming about a range of issues.

Reference Group

The Fatherhood Reference Group had it’s first meeting in August 2018,  to guide the program’s development and implementation.



Fatherhood Program Workshops are being rolled out across Australia to targeted groups of fathers. If you are interested in organising a workshop in your local area, please contact us at


Videos, articles, books, podcasts and more, specifically for Fathers.

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