Prevent men’s violence against women

Host a White Ribbon Match with your team

How to hold a White Ribbon Night Match

Holding a White Ribbon Match is a great way your team can stand up, speak out and act to end violence against women.

Whether it’s AFL, Union, League, soccer or any other sport, there’s something for everyone. This page contains details about how you can run your White Ribbon Night Match, what’s in your host kit, a handy flyer with all the relevant information, and your link to register.


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Hold a sausage sizzle

Run a sausage sizzle for supporters on the sidelines, and for hungry players once the full-time whistle blows. Allocate proceeds from the canteen as a White Ribbon donation too.

Donate your cash as a ‘donation’ to your Everyday Hero page. Register it now!

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Buy socks for the team

Head to our online store and buy White Ribbon socks for the team to wear during your game. There’s no better way to take a stand as a team and show you’re united in ending violence against women.

Buy your socks in our online store.

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Sell merchandise at the game

Fundraising from sales of white ribbons and wristbands amongst supporters can reinforce your White Ribbon Match and get some extra fundraising going.

Buy your ribbons and wristbands from our online store.

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Take the Oath at the start of the game

Hold an on-field oath-taking ceremony where players from both teams, officials, coaching staff and the crowd all come together to take the White Ribbon Oath to stand up, speak out and act to end men’s violence against women.

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