Prevent men’s violence against women

White Ribbon Night at your School

How to hold a White Ribbon Night at your school

Young people from an early age are exposed to information, messaging and behaviours that can support and condone violence against women. Young people are also already exposed to, and influenced by, domestic violence.

Holding a White Ribbon event in your school can help to strengthen a culture of respect and equality in your school, and drive change in your community.


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Mufti day

Ask students to dress in black and white mufti, and bring a gold coin donation to school.

Donate your cash as a ‘donation’ to your Everyday Hero page. Register it now!

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Bake sale

Ask a grade to manage a bake sale for the week of White Ribbon Night – set up in the quadrangle or school hall and donate proceeds to White Ribbon Australia.

Bank your funds raised via your Everyday Hero page.


School disco or trivia night

Set up the school hall with some tunes and hit the dance floor, or get quizzical with a trivia night! Sell tickets to students and parents alike, and create some fundraising games to keep things interesting.

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Look the part

Deck the school out with bunting, posters and balloons, and sell White Ribbons in the office. You could even create a White Ribbon on the oval, or put a sign out the front of the school.

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