Prevent men’s violence against women

Be informed this White Ribbon Night

Men's violence against women can be tricky to understand at times.

When you’re hosting an event, your guests could ask you about violence against women, what White Ribbon does, where their donations go, or they could even disclose violence to you.

It’s important to us that you have all the resources you need to be informed, and able to answer these questions.


Types of violence

Violence does not always look like a black eye, or a broken rib. There is no one way to experience violence – it could be physical, sexual, verbal, social, emotional, financial, and/or spiritual. It could look like stalking, sharing intimate pictures online without permission, intimidation, or a range of other things.

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The STOP Kit is a resource developed specifically to help you stop violence against women in your community, helping you spot signs of violence, know how to speak out, what support you can offer, and how to prevent the violence in the first place.



The statistics about violence against women bring to light just how prevalent this issue is in Australia. Read statistics about prevalence, women’s health, the effects on children, and violence in the workplace.

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White Ribbon has produced a series of factsheets that cover how to respond to challenging statements, how men can get involved in the movement, myths and reality, and how you can take action. Print them out and share them at your event.


Find help

Find phone numbers, access points and help for domestic violence, counseling and relationship advice services all across Australia.

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