Prevent men’s violence against women

White Ribbon Ambassadors

White Ribbon Ambassadors

White Ribbon Ambassadors are committed, knowledgeable and active men who recognise the importance of men taking responsibility and being part of the solution to end the violence, abuse and inequality faced by women across Australia. Their primary role is to engage with other men, to highlight the issue and ensure more men understand the issue, and take responsibility for putting an end to men’s violence against women and promoting respectful relationships.

White Ribbon Ambassadors come from all walks of life and drive the movement wherever they are.

What do White Ribbon Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors engage men to make women’s safety a man’s issue too. Ambassadors bring the White Ribbon movement into their everyday lives and spheres of influence through everyday activities and interactions. Ambassadors work in their daily life to engage and educate men around violence against women. This involves raising awareness and speaking out against all forms of violence against women.


White Ribbon Ambassadors are leading the charge to drive meaningful and lasting cultural change to make Australia a safer and fairer place for all.

They are community activists who organise and speak at community events, campaign at national and local level for change, engage and educate their peers, challenge sexism in everyday life and at in institutions. They bring the White Ribbon movement to prevent men’s violence against women to new audiences, towards meaningful and lasting social and cultural change to make Australia a safer country for all.

Ambassadors follow a role description and code of conduct which sets out activity requirements in order to remain in the program.


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Who are White Ribbon Ambassadors?

White Ribbon Ambassadors must be existing White Ribbon Supporters who are at least 16 years of age who wish to increase their participation in the movement to prevent men’s violence against women.

Supporters who wish to apply for the Ambassador role must undergo our application and assessment program to demonstrate:

  • Strong understanding of the link between rigid gender socialisation, inequality and men’s violence against women
  • Alignment with White Ribbon’s unique role in engaging men to make women’s safety a man’s issue too.
  • Activity in the last 12 months which actively promoted gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men to prevent men’s violence against women.

White Ribbon recognises that men’s violence against women pervades all cultures therefore we encourage diversity of age, sexuality, ethnicity, faith, ability and social class among applicants to ensure change is affected across all levels of society.

Note: We are not able to provide contact details for Ambassadors and Advocates in accordance with the Privacy Act (1988).


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How to become a White Ribbon Ambassador

Applications for the Ambassador Program have now closed and will re-open in 2019. Please revisit the page when applications re-open. Before you apply it is a requirement to have read and understood the Ambassador Role Description.

When applications are open, to become an Ambassador interested applicants to the program must complete the following:

  1. Register as a White Ribbon Supporter
  2. Complete the “Understanding Men’s Violence against Women”E-learning*
  3. Complete the assessed application form**
  4. Undertake a telephone interview with the team
  5. Complete a national police check***
  6. Provide us with an appropriate referee for a character reference

*Please save the e-learning Certificate of Completion as you will need to submit this as part of the application process.

**Applications are currently closed.

***White Ribbon does not accept applications from any individual with prior history of violence against women.

Please note that there are many ways you can get involved with White Ribbon Australia. Please explore our website to get involved through fundraising & events, workplaces, schools, and community involvement. We encourage you to join as a Supporter to receive further opportunities and information for getting involved with White Ribbon.


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Can I arrange for an Ambassador to speak at my event?

Sometimes you may be able to have a White Ribbon Ambassador (or Advocate) attend your White Ribbon event to present about violence against women and primary prevention.

To request a White Ribbon speaker for your event please register your event. If you want an Ambassador to attend, ensure you register at least four weeks in advance.

Please be aware that provision of a speaker for your event will depend on our volunteer availability, and cannot always be guaranteed. As our representatives act in a voluntary capacity it may take some time to secure someone to attend. Please note that we do not provide a celebrity service and hope you will respect the contribution of our volunteers who dedicate their time to make a difference for the White Ribbon social change movement.

When will I hear who my White Ribbon speaker is?

We receive a high volume of requests and are currently working to secure speakers for events. As our representatives act in a voluntary capacity it may take some time to secure someone to attend. In over 90% of instances we are able to find a suitable speaker. When we have found a suitable speaker to attend your event, you will be notified via email immediately to ensure you are best able to plan and organise your event. If we are unable to secure a speaker, you will be notified 10 business days prior to your event, and be provided with alternative resources you can use at the event.


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