Prevent men’s violence against women

Ambassador Q&A: Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma
September 2016

White Ribbon Ambassador Arun Sharma is a long-serving advocate for the White Ribbon message in his local and cultural community.

What is your day job?

I am a Therapist, and Chinese medicine practitioner.

How long have you been a White Ribbon Ambassador?

I have been a White Ribbon Ambassador since 2009.

Why did you decide to become an Ambassador?

I became aware of incidents of violence against women since the 1980, when I established the Indian Welfare and Resource Center in Melbourne, 2002. I never could understand the scenario where just because someone has more physical strength, that they can force their ways on another gender regardless of the other person’s will.  I was also working with ‘Intouch’ when this nomination came and I accepted immediately realising an opportunity to reach a wider population and make a difference in the prevention of men’s violence against women and children.

In what ways have you been involved in the White Ribbon Campaign?

  • I have spoken at various community functions.
  • I have also assisted White Ribbon at events like the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

For the past 5 years, we have had White Ribbon as our charity partner at The Diwali festival at Federation Square. During this annual Diwali festival, the biggest in Australia (last year we had over 58,000 Victorians attended), the aim has been to raise awareness and encourage people to take the Oath to prevent men’s violence against women.

Why is Gender Equality important to you as an Ambassador?

As a White Ribbon Ambassador, I believe that inequality is the main cause of suppression and in my opinion no one has a right to suppress or demean another human being purely because of their own judgement or physical strength.

What goals do you hope to accomplish as an Ambassador in the future?

In my role as a White Ribbon Ambassador, I hope to educate as many and as far as possible to accept everyone equal regardless of their looks, colour, gender or physical strength.

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