Prevent men’s violence against women

Meet our White Ribbon Ambassadors and Advocates

Maha Abdo CEO Muslim Women Association Advocate

As a Chief Executive Officer of the Muslim Women Association, Maha has been a leading advocate for Muslim women for more than two decades. She has been working to help give Muslim women safety and assurance in difficult and trying circumstances. She has also been working to empower women and promote harmony between multicultural communities.

Arman Abrahimzadeh Co-Founder Zahra Foundation Ambassador

As an Ambassador, I believe gender inequality is the underlying and leading cause of the abuse and violence toward women. To eliminate the abuse and violence, the inequality needs to be eliminated. Read more

Juliana Addison Advocate

Juliana is active in her community as Ballarat Health Services Board Director and working as a School Teacher. Juliana has a strong interest in public policy, particularly in the areas of health, education and women. She is passionate about issues of access and equity; and supporting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community.

Sumati Advani President SEVA International Inc. Advocate

Sue Advani has been actively involved in several community projects over the past 25 years. She is past President of UIA, Chair UIA Women’s Steering Committee, Public Officer for Sydney Sindhi Association, Haathi in the Room Inc. and Lean In Inc and 2017 Local Woman of the Year for Strathfield.

Martin Agatyn Radio Announcer Radio 7AD-7BU Ambassador

I am a radio announcer with Radio 7AD and 7BU and have over 30 years of experience in media and public relations. For much of my career I have told the story of White Ribbon – a cause I am very sympathetic to. When I discovered a close friend had been a victim of domestic violence I dedicated myself to promoting White Ribbon Australia as an official ambassador.

John Aggus Senior Operational Policy Officer Dept. for Child Protection & Family Support Ambassador

Too many times I have seen men not take responsibility for their behaviours and simply avoid taking steps to do the right thing and stop. The impact for such men is that they lose out too! Read more

Jenny Aitchison Shadow Minister NSW Parliament Advocate

Jenny is Shadow Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault. She is a long-time champion of equality, rejecting racism, discrimination and abuse. In her public service career Jenny worked for the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Social Justice Coordination Section, where she assisted in drafting and consulting on the Department’s Agenda for Women.

Alanna Brisbane City Council Advocate

Alanna is the Founder of Women in Safety which is dedicated to supporting women in general in times of need.

Alex Advocate

Alex became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Alexa Advocate

Alexa is passionate about gender equality and the prevention of gendered violence. She believes in open, collaborative discussion for the facilitation of change.

Zoe Alexiades Student Monash University Advocate

Zoe is a passionate young woman from Melbourne, Victoria. She is determined to make a change in her local and wider community, with regards to the attitude both men and women have towards domestic violence. She wants to empower women to stand up and speak out and encourage men to make domestic violence a man’s issue too.

Abdullahi Ali Ahmed Senior Social Worker Coroner's Court Ambassador

I am the president of the Somali Community in South Australia and I volunteer as a JP. I am passionate about social justice with an aim to promote social change, engage in problem solving in human relationships and empower people.

Cassandra Allen Counsellor Women Assist Counselling Advocate

Cassandra is a proud White Ribbon Advocate. Her passion is to prevent violence against women, because of her personal experience of family and domestic violence.

Samantha Amiridis Manager Anglicare Victoria Advocate

With many women dying each year at the hands of violence, Samantha wanted to stand up and help make a difference. She believes that together we all need to take a stand in order to build a future free from violence.

Cintra Amos Member White Ribbon State Committee Advocate

For over 30 years, Cintra has been a member of Zonta International to empower women and girls worldwide. She is also a Co-Convenor of the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast Committee since its inception in 2008. She became a White Ribbon Advocate to stand alongside Ambassadors to raise awareness in the community that men’s violence against women is never acceptable.

Amy Advocate

Amy became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Brad Andrews Year 9 Coordinator Parkdale Secondary College Ambassador

My passion for supporting students in their wellbeing as well as academically has placed me in a great position to further assist and empower young men in understanding their ability to have an influence in behaviour change within their society.

Anila Advocate

Anila comes from a diverse multicultural background. She understands and recognises the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse women and children.

Jen Armstrong Exec Officer Western Sydney University Advocate

Jen is The Beauty Bank founder, Executive Officer of the MARCS Institute, Mum, foster carer and was the 2016 NSW Premier’s Woman of the Year. A survivor of domestic violence, she is passionate about motivating and educating others on the effects of domestic violence and the power of resilience and how everyone can change someone else’s world. She also sits on the NSW Government’s Corporate Leadership Advisory Group, which aims to address domestic and family violence from a workplace setting.

Wayne Austin Principal Dianella Secondary College Ambassador

As the Principal of a senior high school I am in a privileged position to help shape our boys into becoming young men who understand and values their role in creating a world without violence against women.

Richard Baker Pro Vice-Chancellor Australian National University Ambassador

There is no place on campus for sexual violence of any sort and I welcome the national role White Ribbon plays trying to address men’s violence against women.

David Battersby Former Vice Chancellor Federation University Ambassador

Federation University Read more

David Beaumont Community Engagement Coordinator City of Sydney Council Ambassador

Gender equality is important to me as an Ambassador because everybody has the right to be the best expression of themselves in today’s society, to be supported throughout their lives and to have a safe and secure environment in which to do so. Read more

Kayran Bell Project Officer Department of Communities WA Advocate

It was Mahatma Ghandi who said “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members”. I have always been passionate about advocating for the most vulnerable in our society, believing that each and every one of us has a responsibility to help build and nurture the community – and the world – that we want to live in. I want to live in a future where gender based crime, in fact violence and abuse altogether, no longer exists.

Stephen Bennett MP Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Queensland Parliament Ambassador

As a father and grandfather, I find it shocking and saddening that one in six girls and one in nine boys will experience some form of violence or abuse before the age of 15. These aren’t just numbers on a spread sheet – this is the child down the street, a niece or nephew, your friend next door. As the Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence I believe it’s vital we see more action taken to increase awareness and protect victims.

Asha Bhat CEO Southern Aboriginal Corporation Advocate

Asha leads the regional Aboriginal Corporation (SAC), which provides services and programs that address the Noongar peoples’ needs and aspirations in cooperation with other community and business organisations. She has worked across all levels of the organisation, from grassroots to a CEO. In 2017, Asha received the Albany Citizen of the Year award and also became a finalist of Telstra WA Business Women’s Award.

Kirsten Bickendorf CEO Australian Refugee Association Advocate

Kirsten is passionate about being a White Ribbon advocate because she wants to see a nation in which every woman and girl lives free from violence, has the freedom to make decisions and choices of their own and receives equal pay for the same work.

David Blom Crime Prevention Officer NSW Police Force Ambassador

I have been in the NSW Police Force for over 10 years and been in the role of Crime Prevention and Community Safety Officer for over six years. I see far too much domestic violence occur within all cultures and community groups, it does not discriminate. I have witnessed, been a victim and investigated this type of violence and it has to stop!

Joshua Bowen Town of Walkerville Ambassador

Too many times opportunities are not taken to make real changes in the existing norms in relation to violence against women. I hope in my role I can seize on those moments and make a change for the better.

Jeff Bowey Co-ordinator Correctional Services Ambassador

Having worked with the perpetrators of violence against women and having seen first-hand the trauma impact upon those still living with it, as well as the survivors of domestic violence. I know we as a community must, lead by example, stand up, speak out, and develop a culture of diversity, inclusion, courage, integrity, and respect, which is demonstrated lived and breathed every day. We must address gender violence at its source, with the perpetrators – those men who violent towards women.

Sarah Jane Bradford nurse Liverpool Emergency Advocate

Sarah wants to use her story to inspire others. She’s passionate about ending domestic violence and wants to share her life experience with others to encourage and inspire.

Michael Brandenburg Liaison Officer – Respectful Relationships Department of Education and Training (DET) Victoria Ambassador

Michael is a passionate advocate for ending violence in our community and has a special focus on working with men to achieve this. Michael has been a National White Ribbon Ambassador since 2012 and was the Inaugural chair of the Ballarat White Ribbon Committee in 2004

Roderick Brazier High Commissioner Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Ambassador

Rod is Australia’s High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, where rates of domestic violence are among the highest in the world. He and his team are working hard to eliminate this scourge, including by signing men up to a pledge against violence against women.

Jeffrey Brunne Ambassador

I am a long-time advocate of cultural change that benefits all members of the community. My main interests are in human rights, gender equity, non-violence and historical perspectives on social change. I was recently involved in leading White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation in my then organisation, and was stunned to learn of the extent of the human cost of men’s violence against women. I also heard many stories of the courage and resilience displayed by those women who have experienced violence and also those people who have supported them. I am now committed to doing what I can to build a society in which violence against women is eliminated.

Simon Bryson Aligned Leisure Ambassador

Simon Bryson is a highly committed and energetic professional, passionate about engaging men of all ages in constructive conversations regarding their role in ending men’s violence towards women.

Dani Buckley Senior Advisor City of Sydney Advocate

Dani became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Glenn Buesnel-May Business, Leadership and Management Mentor Monarch Institute Ambassador

I am a survivor of domestic violence and have been an active and highly engaged Ambassador for 4 years. I sit on the Victorian Ambassadors Committee and value every opportunity to advocate for women human rights and safety.

Patrick Bulman CEO Encircle Ltd Ambassador
David Cain Executive Director Service Delivery and Design Communicare Ambassador

Ensuring that women and girls grow up in a world free from violence and abuse must remain a major priority.

Desmond Campbell Program Manager NT Correctional Services Ambassador

Women are the solid rock in the families and the leaders in their communities. Gender equality that is genuine and respects the foundations of fairness and equality creates a better world for everyone, that is what I believe in. Read more

Phill Capra Director of Social Work CQHHS Ambassador

I am currently the Director of Social Work at the Rockhampton Hospital. Being a front-line worker for survivors of domestic violence, I feel there is a clear need for men to help address gender violence at its source – with men

Ian Carter CEO Anglicare WA Ambassador

Respect for women is a vital element of responding to FDV which ultimately is about attitudes and power and control. Read more

Warwick Cavanagh Chief Executive Officer Bayley House Ambassador

I am committed to the work of educating men about the need for us to take responsibilities for our actions, both individually and communally. We need to challenge our friends, colleagues, others we meet when we hear or witness language and behaviours which are disrespectful and/or aggressive.  It IS our communal responsibility. People CAN learn.  People DO change.

Katrina Cave Support Worker Advocate

Katrina is a White Ribbon Advocate and Lifestyle Planner in the Far North Coast of NSW. She’s a huge believer of giving back to the community. Her passion for being an advocate comes from her upbringing in a lower socio-economic community in a small rural town. She hopes to help others with similar backgrounds in every way possible. Here’s to a safer community free a violence. Not violent not silent!

Anne Charlton Support Worker Coast Shelter Advocate

Anne has spent her working life in drug and alcohol services, Indigenous Health and in the Federal Department of Health. Her positions have supported women and children impacted by domestic violence. Currently she works to support young homeless people on the Central Coast, providing support and assistance with an emphasis on developing the personal and living skills needed to sustain independent living.

Simon Charnock Manager G4S Ambassador

I have been involved with White Ribbon for several years and I am honored to have been accepted as an Ambassador. Australia needs men to stand up, speak out and act. As a White Ribbon Ambassador I aim to engage men and highlight the role they play in stopping violence against women.

White Ribbon Australia provides a safe and inclusive platform for men to discuss a complex and sensitive issue and I am proud to be a part of this drive for change.

Samuel Chee Ambassador

I am greatly honoured to be recognised as someone who will not tolerate violence against women. I believe it is important that young males like myself speak up, and break the stereotypes surrounding young men in our society. We all want to be safe, and it is everyone’s responsibility to work toward that.

Chloe Advocate

Chloe became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Lucy Cirocco Senior Manager Equal Opportunity Commission Advocate

Lucy became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Kristy Clark Wellbeing Coordinator Keith Area School Advocate

Keith Area School and I are very passionate about the White Ribbon Program and look forward to spreading the message throughout our community.

Felicity Cook Founder The Life² Project Advocate

As a survivor of domestic violence, Felicity’s goal is to help change perceptions and attitudes, and encourage public support of those who have experienced the darkest of days.

Tori Cooke Manager Ruah Community Services Advocate

Tori has been working in the domestic violence sector for nearly two decades. She believes educating the community in how to challenge attittudes is a powerful way to stop violence against women. She considers her role as a White Ribbon Advocate to further enable her to help bring positive change to this issue.

Michelle Cooper Advocate

Michelle became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Chris Cosgriff Ambassador

I became an Ambassador some years before I retired from Victoria Police. I work with organisations in a volunteer capacity and have been able to and will continue to promote the values of White Ribbon in those networks.

Sarah Craddock Performer Self employed Advocate

Being a past victim of domestic violence, it is now Sarah’s passion to ensure that all women and children are safe. She endeavours to increase understanding and positive changes to legislation to protect all victims and prevent violence.

Steve Crawcour CEO Strathbogie Shire Council Ambassador

I am passionate about this cause because no one should be the recipient of any domestic violence in any form. We should be a respectful and patient society that supports each other.

Robert Critchlow Commander - Hills Local Area Command NSW Police Ambassador

The abuse of an older family member is domestic violence both in principle and law. The issues are the same, it is a misuse of power in a relationship causing harm to the sufferer. Read more

Matthew Crossley Compliance Coordinator NIOA Ambassador
Scott Croyden Men's Behaviour Change Program Facilitator YFS Ltd Ambassador

I have been a White Ribbon Ambassador since 2014. I have worked as a Men’s Behaviour Change Facilitator since 2012 and challenged the abusive attitudes of hundreds of men. I love representing White Ribbon Australia and being one of many men who stand up and speak out about men’s violence against women.

Donna-Marie Currey Advocate

Advocate Donna-Marie is passionate about promoting gender equality and recognizing issues faced by women in this modern era, particularly in the area of men’s violence against women.

Mathew D'Onofrio Founder Nightlife First Aid Ambassador

I am an award-winning and internationally renowned entrepreneur, based in Adelaide. As a White Ribbon Ambassador, I hope to engage more youth in the movement. If we can tackle bullying and prejudice in its early stages, we could change the fundamental beliefs around gender inequality and put an end to gender-based and family violence and abuse.

Alexandra Dandie Advocate

Alexandra became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Kristy Darnborough Manager Relationships Australia Advocate

Kristy is passionate about raising awareness of the prevention of violence against women and children. She is also equally passionate about men being made accountable for their perpetration of abuse. Kristy is fortunate to work with women and children who have experienced domestic violence and to also facilitate men’s behaviour change programs.

Dr Jishu Das Gupta ICJ Principal Business Analyst Department of Justice and the Attorney General Ambassador

I strongly believe through conversation and proper education we can raise awareness as well as work towards a violence-free environment for women. My passion for supporting the community and having extensive personal level access to community members gives me the golden opportunity to become a spokesperson on behalf of victims and raise much-needed awareness within our society to ensure a safer place for women and children.

Andre de Barr Director Shareek Consulting Ambassador

Without the societal change family violence will continue. We need to continue to organise, advocate and act towards systemic social change. Read more

Sander de Vries Senior Architect SQC Architecture Ambassador
Suzee Dearlove Advocate

As a White Ribbon Advocate, DV survivor, mother and educator, Suzee is passionate about educating youth at the grassroots level about being respectful. She believes as adults it is up to us to help to break the cycle of violence that continues to be an epidemic in our society and to be positive role models for the young men and women in our communities. You are not alone. We will stand together ‘Not Violent, Not Silent’.

Patrick Deegan Manager Social Futures Ambassador

For the past decade I have worked in child protection services and have seen first hand the impact of mens violence on women and children. This is an all of community issue that requires an all of community response and we each need to play our part.

Jennifer Deere Officer Dept. of Justice and Attorney-General Advocate

Jennifer played an active part in gaining White Ribbon Accreditation for her organisation, which gave her a broad understanding of the devastating effect domestic and family violence has in communities. She also recognised the important role of workplaces in supporting, building and creating social change. She’s a passionate advocate of respectful relationships, and creating a safe work environment.

Donna Della-Ca Support Officer NSW Health Advocate

Donna is passionate and honoured to be a voice in the social campaign to prevent men’s violence against women and she hopes to help provide a platform to youth to also have a voice in the movement.

Maris Depers Psychologist/Drug and Alcohol Counsellor Salvation Army Ambassador

It was really important for me to take that step because, while I have been actively involved in White Ribbon events and activities for many years, and men’s violence prevention programs, I had always considered myself an ambassador in all the work and interactions that I have. Read more

Bianca Deuis Support Worker Churches of Christ Advocate

Through lived experience, Bianca has found her passion in creating awareness, promoting change and providing support to all impacted by violence.

Jag Dhaliwal Senior Product Manager | Superannuation BT Financial Group Ambassador

I truly believe in White Ribbon’s inspiring message and I thought that by aligning myself with such a worthwhile cause, I could start making a real difference in confronting issues within the community. Read more

Andy Di Donato Ambassador

As an ambassador for White Ribbon I am offered the privileged position to lead by example and create real change towards our mission to ensure that every women lives in safety. As a new first time father I am dedicating my energy, time & personal experience to educate more Men on our responsibility to support & celebrate Women & shape a better future for all.

Ian Charles Dixon Managing Director DIXON Partnering Solutions Ambassador

I am appalled at the high rates of violence against women and want to work hard to educate men and boys about the need for respectful relationships with women. As a member of the SA State Committee I am wanting to promote White Ribbon programs wherever I can.

Teagan Dowler Manager Self Employed Advocate

Teagan is an author, speaker and business owner currently working to create high performing diverse and inclusive workplaces in the resource, energy and construction industries.Teagan is proud to be an Advocate working with women and men to eradicate violence in our communities, workplaces and personal relationships.

Keirran Downham Managing Director Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania Ambassador

Tasmanian Business Professional with a strong community focus. The Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania was the first private company to achieve White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation. Keirran also sits on the Board of the Hobart Women’s Shelter.

Stewart Dowrick CEO Mid North Coast Local Health District Ambassador

The Mid North Coast Local Health District is proud to be a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace and I am wholeheartedly committed to my role as a White Ribbon Ambassador.

Jonathan Druce Principal Harristown State School Ambassador

As Principal of a school where domestic violence is prevalent in the community, I am passionate about the positive impact my staff and I can have on our students. I believe that changing the gender imbalance starts with our children.

Matthew Duggan Aboriginal Disability Focus Coordinator Dept. of Health & Human Services Ambassador

As an Ambassador I wanted to influence change within the community on family violence and the role men can play to decrease family violence. Read more

Simon Earle CEO Maritime Employees Training Ltd (METL) Ambassador

Most importantly, I bring the campaign home. I run my own, small primary prevention program with three people: my partner, Emma, our son, Oscar and daughter, Freya. They see how I’m involved in the campaign and they are really proud. Read more

Ian Edwards Investigator QBE Ambassador

Through a policing career I have worked with both perpetrators and those affected by domestic violence. Coupled with a specialist role of training detectives in the management of serious crime, I can bring these insights and experiences to White Ribbon. I can also demonstrate an understanding of the distorted thinking that leads perpetrators to believe that their actions may be acceptable and an affected person to believe that they cannot make a disclosure.

Rasheed Elachkar Student LaTrobe University Ambassador

Rasheed is a final-year Law student at LaTrobe University and a member of the Student Union, proud volunteer at Australian Multicultural Foundation, youth committee member at the Islamic Council of Victoria and member of Muslim Professionals Association.

Kristen Ellis Admin. Officer Canberra Hospital Advocate

Kristen is a single mum to two young boys and is passionate about changing the state of family and domestic violence in Australia for the next generation. She’s proud to be a White Ribbon Advocate and to be able to stand up and speak out about this critical issue.

Robert Ellis General Manager of Community Services BaptistCare Ambassador

Rob is a champion of gender equality, an experienced public speaker and is a frequent commentator in the media about the national crisis of violence against women and their children. Since April 2017 Rob has been volunteering as an Ambassador with White Ribbon Australia to help workplaces, schools and other community organisations to play their part in building respect for women and girls and changing the story of violence that damages the lives of women and of their children, and diminishes us all.

Lisa Evans nurse Dept. of education Advocate

Lisa became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

John Fadel Managing Director EXCEL Sports Management Ambassador

I am currently working with many kids from all walks of life and also involved with the Juvenile Justice mentoring sports programs. White Ribbon has always put hope in my heart. I won’t be silent and want to make a difference. Together, we can make the difference.

Yasmin Fairbrother Advocate

A qualified governance professional, Yasmin assisted in the establishment of a Northern Territory White Ribbon Committee. She has organised events to raise funds and awareness for the prevention of violence against women, and given talks to school children and in remote Aboriginal communities to promote gender equality and prevent domestic violence.

Gordon Fairman Inspector WA Police Ambassador

As a Police Officer of 30 years I have repeatedly witnessed the effect that violence against women has on individuals, families and communities. As a father of two young women, I recognise and appreciate the importance of standing up within the community and actively seeking to inform and advocate for a better future.

Hamsa Farah Manager The Community Grocer Ambassador

United we stand against all forms of inequality, as they lead to the development of issues that plague our society like family violence. It is the responsibility of all to ensure we challenge this issue and as an ambassador it’s what I aim to do.

Katherine Faull Director Advocate

Katherine is passionate about supporting societal and systemic change required to address the root causes of men’s violence against women. As she challenges the behaviours and attitudes that lead to gender inequality and stereotypes that negatively impact women, she supports positively engaging men to be part of the solution. As men and women, we are human. As men and women, we are equal.

Tim Felton Teacher Knox Grammar School Ambassador

I am passionate about the privileged position I have to empower young men and shift their behaviour and develop an understanding of their ability to influence change within their society.

Gerard Ferrao Legal Services Coordinator (Projects) Primary Industries and Regions SA Ambassador

The only difference anyone can make is a measurable difference. It remains my challenge to lead by example, to stand up, to speak out, to actively pursue a community culture where diversity, inclusion, courage, integrity, respect, collaboration and leadership is not just spoken – but enacted and practised every single day.

Greg Ferris Area Lending Manager Newcastle Permanent Building Society Ambassador

It is a privilege to be an ambassador. I am passionate about being part of the solution by positively influencing male behaviour and attitudes.

Rachael Field Professor Bond University Advocate

Rachael is passionate about advocating for justice and equity in society. Addressing and preventing violence against women is critical to protecting the human rights of Australian women and children. She believes men and women have to stand together to stop violence against women – which is why she is also passionate about being a White Ribbon Advocate.

Mischa Fischetti Exec Assistant National Medical Research Council Advocate

Mischa has represented White Ribbon at a number of events. She’s a firm believer in making good come from bad. She believes that by being pro-active by providing education and awareness on the issue of abuse, we can prevent men’s violence against women. By challenging what people may be seeing or experiencing at home, cultural norms and/or peer influences we can help shape the future generations.

Leila Fisher Lawyer Self-employed Advocate

Leila became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Tamara Fisher Manager Metropolitan Fire Brigade Advocate

Tamara became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Andrew Ford High commissioner to Kingdom of Tonga Australian High Commission Ambassador

I wanted to be a White Ribbon Ambassador to demonstrtae my commitment to ending violence against women. This is particularly important in the Pacific where around three quarters of women report being abused.

Jayden Forster Editor/Blogger Celebrity Lane Entertainment Blog Ambassador

I have made it my mission to respect women, to care for women, and to encourage others to do the same. I do this so that no other person has to experience what I, and my family, went through. Not now, not ever.

Forté Musician (Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist) Ambassador

A few years ago I befriended a young woman who I later found out had been sexually assaulted. Seeing the impact of the attack deeply moved me and I decided I wanted to support men to choose nonviolence. Read more

Lynda Fraser Officer Sunshine Coast Council Advocate

Lynda has been working in local government since 2001 in areas of corporate and community development. Lynda is an active member of the Sunshine Coast White Ribbon Committee, promoting cultural change to prevent domestic & family violence and abuse towards women and girls.

David W Frost Chief Financial Officer & Executive Director Finance & Asset Management Dementia Australia Ambassador

As the father of two young men it was very important to me to set an example of good behaviour of men towards women. I am delighted that my boys made the choice to be Gentle-men!

Neil Gerard Funston Ambassador

I am a retired engineer and chocolate maker. I became involved with White Ribbon back in 2012 when Jill Meagher was murdered. I stepped back and had a look at what was going on in our society and saw that there was far too much violence against women. It was then that I decided I needed to take a personal stand and commit to try and make a difference. I am dedicated to contributing in any way I can to the White Ribbon movement.

Mark Furner Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Queensland Parliament Ambassador

I have held many events in workplaces, community and the parliament to raise awareness. These events have been educational about the campaign and engaged men to understand that violence against women is unacceptable. Read more

Gary Paul Fuss Command Warrant Officer Royal Australian Navy Ambassador

As a CWO my role is to ensure gender diversity is at the for front and the prevention of violence against women.

Chris Futcher-Coles Owner & Founder Sydney Self Defence Centre Ambassador

I grew up seeing and experiencing Domestic Violence and bullying every day. I have vowed to do the best I can to eradicate this destructive disease from our society and help stop others living in fear and pain. I aim to do this through Martial Arts at the Sydney Self Defence Centre and now through being an active White Ribbon Ambassador and a Leader within the community. Together we can make a difference.

Caroline Galibert Exec Manager DP World Australia Advocate

Caroline became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Sue Gammon Advocate

Sue is passionate about making a difference in her community and globally as a White Ribbon Advocate and a Rotarian in Central Queensland.

Adrian Geary Sergeant Shift Supervisor Queensland Police Service Ambassador

I am a firm believer and strongly value healthy loving relationships and families, where a man and a woman are equal. I believe if you have healthy productive families, than you will have healthy productive communities.

Emma Gierschick Advocate

Emma is a single mother of a young daughter with significant special needs. She is also a survivor of family violence and breast cancer and has been actively engaged in advocacy for the past three years.

Emma Gierschick Advocate

Emma Gierschick is the very proud mum of a mischievous 6 yr old daughter who has Down syndrome, an intellectual disability and a huge personality. They are both survivors of severe family violence. Emma is a longstanding passionate advocate and presenter for White Ribbon.

In October 2018, Emma was named as one of the top 100 Women of Influence in Australia by the Australian Financial Review. Emma wears her white ribbon badge with pride as a symbol of hope for global awareness and change.

Luke Goldstein Corporate Counsel Ambassador

I am a husband, an uncle and a son to women and feel strongly that every human has the right to feel safe. Men owning and leading the prevention of men’s violence against women is crucial. I am proud to stand up, speak up and act to prevent men’s violence against women. I invite others to join me and do the same.

Christian Goninon Manager Policy and Projects TAS Dept of State Growth Ambassador

Through my own self–reflection, learnings and commitment to get better, I am taking a proactive role to promote change and prevent violence against woman. Can’t think of anything more important than the work of White Ribbon. Respect is at the chore. I have a young daughter and I want her to be able to grow up without fear and with the same opportunities available to men.

Mark Green Manager of Grants, Sport & Recreation Infrastructure - Dept. of Premier & Cabinet Ambassador

There’s strong evidence that the more we support fathers to embrace their new vision of masculinity, the more we can move towards gender equality in our communities. Read more

Philip Green Superintendent, Divisional Commander Victoria Police Ambassador

As a career police officer, I have firsthand knowledge of the harm caused through men’s violence against women. I also know that by working together, we can make a difference and deliver improved community safety.

Kim Groenewald Advocate

Kim endured several years of domestic violence before gaining the strength to flee for her life. She is now a committed advocate, accredited speaker and lobbyist, working to raise awareness and fight for better protection for victims and survivors. As a White Ribbon Advocate, Kim hopes to inform, motivate and empower victims and survivors to see their options and potential. She also strives to educate others, in the push to work towards social change to eliminate domestic violence.

Giles Gunesekera CEO Global Impact Initiative Ambassador

It is the right of the oppressed to speak up – it’s is the right of those witnessing to speak out. I believe Men have a large role to play in today’s society to ensure violence against Women and Girls is eradicated.

Adam Gwin Chief Superintendent Queensland Fire & Emergency Services Ambassador

While working in a male dominated environment, it is imperative I influence others to speak out against violence against women.

Katie Haddock Student Griffith University Advocate

Katie became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Sarah Halicek Attendant Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club Advocate

Sarah is passionate about bringing a holistic change to the nature of domestic violence and hopes to eradicate this issue. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Social Science at WSU. Her goal is to work in family law or as a domestic violence support worker to improve the legal system.

Kathryn Hamilton Manager Advocate

Kathryn is a White Ribbon Advocate and Marketing Manager at a global digital and technology organisation. She’s passionate about her role at White Ribbon because she sees examples of how women are treated either differently or with less respect than men everyday. She’s passionate about encouraging people to have open conversations about how we all have a role to play in ensuring women are safe to lead lives free from disrespect and violence.

Andrew Hamlyn Sales Portfolio Specialist IBM Ambassador

As a White Ribbon Ambassador, I acknowledged that we are not the same, and it’s okay to be different, but being different should not make us any different in how we are treated. This is why I believe that gender equality is so important. Read more

Ian Hamm Director of Economic Inclusion Victorian Government Ambassador

If we really are to fulfill our national potential, then we must ensure that half the population does not feel excluded from the opportunities of the 21st century. Read more

Adrian Hanks Founder and CEO The Blue Wren Foundation Ambassador

I have been working with men, as a men’s facilitator and counsellor, for 15 plus years and am proud to wear a White Ribbon Ambassador Ribbon to show my commitment and support to a great cause.

Clayton Hanrahan Manager Production BHP Billiton Iron Ore Ambassador

I am proud to be associated with White Ribbon as both an Ambassador and WA Committee member. My passion is to help deliver real change regarding DFV in our regional areas.

Jacinta Harmer Royal Australian Navy Advocate

Jacinta is doing her Bachelor of Law and Criminology, and is currently a full-time serving member of the Royal Australian Navy. As a survivor from domestic violence, Jacinta is passionate about White Ribbon and feels it’s important to stand up and be vocal about this issue.

Jeff Harper Regional Chief Tasmanian Fire Service Ambassador

With gender equality comes gender respect. With gender respect comes a better understanding of one another which will lead to a reduction in gender violence, in particular violence against women. Read more

Rod Harrod Base Support Manager - HMAS Harman Royal Australian Navy Ambassador

It’s about being active in addressing the attitudes and behaviours that lead to men’s violence against women, as well as being about changing our culture and educating men in particular to change the way we treat women in our society. Read more

Jade Deanne Hateley Advocate

Jade has been an active advocate for White Ribbon within the Ballarat and Geelong communities since 2017. After fleeing an abusive marriage, she is deeply passionate to educate men, women, and children, regarding gendered violence. Jade consistently raises awareness of the White Ribbon movement to encourage and inspire social change.

Kaidyn Haynes Student Ambassador

As a young Indigenous man my mission was to become a White Ribbon Ambassador. My inspiration came from my mother and grandmother whom have both been strong advocates in the anti-domestic violence movement for many years. Their involvement has allowed me to understand the need to raise awareness around the ongoing issue of family and domestic violence within our communities. I will endeavour to lead my peers and change attitudes for the future.

Terry Heafield Operations Officer Country Fire Authority Ambassador

As a father of two male children and working with the community I became an Ambassador to try and influence change in male behaviour and attitudes.

Amber Hitchcock Teacher Dept. of Education Advocate

Amber is a passionate White Ribbon advocate. She believes it is always important to stand up and speak out against any forms of abuse, and always say yes to respect.

Michael Hovane Manager - Family Violence Unit Legal Aid WA Ambassador

Ten or 15 years ago, more common forms of abuse by technologies might have been threats and harassment by SMS or email. Today, abuse by technology is much broader and more insidious. Read more

Ben Hugo NDIS Trainer/Facilitator Feros Care Ambassador

In this modern and progressive world we still have a very dark undercurrent that lies just beneath the surface. I will stand for women as long as there is a misappropriate level of violence against them.

Rob Hunt Business Owner Sublime Aluminium & Glass Ambassador

After losing a partner to domestic violence I have made it my life’s mission to help stop men’s violence against women.

Emma Husar Federal Member Australian Parliament House Advocate

Emma is a Federal Member of Parliament and broke with tradition to reveal her personal story of domestic violence in her White Ribbon Day speech, on the floor of Parliament in November 2015. This had an impact around Australia and the world. She has been active in supporting the Women’s Health Centre and Refuge movement and uses her position in Federal Parliament to advocate for change for survivors of domestic violence.

Kathy Isaacson Social Worker Women's Health Service Advocate

I am a passionate Social Worker who has been working with women and children who are experiencing and have been victims of Domestic and Family Violence. I support changes in legislation that hold men accountable for their use of violence against women and I advocate strongly for changes in legislation that protect victims of Domestic and Family Violence.

Jaimee Advocate

Jaimee became a White Ribbon Advocate in July 2019. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Mayor Mark Jamieson Mayor Sunshine Coast Council Ambassador

Mayor Mark Jamieson is a proud White Ribbon Ambassador who believes we all have a responsibility to stop the behaviour and attitudes that contribute to the cycle of violence against women.

Angela Jay Doctor NSW Health Advocate

As an Obstetrics and Gynaecology doctor, Angela witnesses the negative health impacts of sexual assault and family violence on women from all walks of life. She believes that the White Ribbon social movement has given her the strength to speak out after her personal experiences.

Michael Jeh Managing Director Michael Jeh & Associates Pty Ltd Ambassador

In my opinion, respect, true respect that transcends symbolism or semantics, is the cornerstone of this movement. Respect is impossible without a genuine commitment to equality. Read more

Danielle Jenkins Admin coordinator Ararat Rural City Council Advocate

Danielle is passionate about promoting, educating and engaging the community on the prevention of violence against women.

Sean Jones General Manager - NCML Credit Corp Group Ambassador

My role as a White Ribbon Ambassador facilitates the discussion with our own people, our clients, stakeholders and other debt industry leaders in developing better responses to those consumers experiencing financial hardship including where domestic violence is the contributing reason.

Gerard Jose CEO Mildura Rural City Council Ambassador

As CEOs and leaders we are responsible for challenging unacceptable behaviour in our workplaces – from colleagues and clients, as well in our wider communities.

Katherine Jreissati Paralegal Advocate

I am currently completing a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Bachelor of Arts (Criminology). Alongside my studies, I work part-time as a paralegal in an inner-city law firm. I believe that gender equality can be achieved by breaking down harmful stereotypes and biases that hinder an atmosphere of openness, authenticity and empathy. In my personal and professional life, I have witnessed how our societal conditioning can oppress both men and women. I adamantly believe that change does not happen without advocacy and activism.

Juliana Advocate

Juliana became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Buol Juuk CALD Liaison Officer Relationships Australia SA Ltd Ambassador

I have realised that violence against women and children won’t stop unless men join hands together and campaign against it. Which was one of the biggest reason in me becoming a White Ribbon Ambassador. Read more

Pesach Gavriel Kaltmann Rabbi Ark Centre Ambassador

In addition to his ordination, Gabi holds a Masters in Social Work. Having worked with vulnerable people across Melbourne at both the Salvation Army and Multiple Sclerosis Limited, Gabi has seen firsthand the distressing effects of domestic violence. Gabi intends to use his White Ribbon ambassador position to bring further awareness to the Jewish community about domestic violence and men’s violence against women.

Karoline CEO Nardine Wimmin's Refuge Advocate

Karoline is passionate about preventing domestic and family violence and is keen to work in new and different ways to achieve that goal. She believes it is vital to include men in conversations and engage the community to work together to stop domestic and family violence in Australia.

Kate Advocate

Kate is passionate about reducing violence in our community. She believes in the efficacy of prevention programs, perpetrator accountability and behaviour change programs. She also believes it is possible to be compassionate whilst creating a culture of accountability. It is important to continue the discussion and educate the community about family violence and trauma recovery.

Katherine Legal Assistant Advocate

Katherine has completed a Bachelor of Arts and is currently completing a Masters of Laws (JD) at Deakin University. She currently works as a legal assistant in the western suburbs of Melbourne and decided to become an advocate as she has witnessed domestic violence first hand and believes wanting to create change is pointless unless you are prepared to help others change.

Kathy Advocate

Kathy became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Rupinder Kaur Advocate

Rupinder is a survivor of domestic violence and her mission and vision is to promote safety and the empowerment of women so that communities can be strong. She was recently Elected as Deputy Chairperson for AWECC (Albury Wodonga Ethnic Community Council) and recently graduated from New Emerging Community Leadership Program. She pledges to dedicate herself to promote the welfare of the community and to promote the safety of women.

Rachael Kayrooz Founder Shout! Speak Out Advocate

As a survivor, Rachel has dedicated 12 years to speaking out, educating and creating awareness and change. Her first step was volunteering with Amnesty to sell White Ribbons in 2006. Rachel thrives on motivating young people to change behaviours and challenge stereotypes through respectful relationships programs. She is a resilient and engaging advocate for victims without a voice. Rachel is excited to work together with Ambassadors and Advocates to bring forth solutions on a national scale with White Ribbon.

Danni Kelly Community Engagement Australian Red Cross Advocate

As a woman who has lived a life that encompassed many aspects of love, fear, peace, violence and hope, Danni now feels loved, safe, strong and empowered. She believes it is her responsibility to share her learnings with others to engage men in the prevention of men’s violence against women.

Lachlan Kennedy Presenter/Senior Reporter TEN Eyewitness News First At Five Ambassador

I kept thinking ‘if this can happen in public, what’s happening behind closed doors?’ As I began researching more and came across the damning statistics, I knew I wanted to get more involved in the prevention campaign. Read more

Tyson Kettlewell Founder/Chairperson With Respect Australia Ambassador

I am a student at the University of the Sunshine Coast dedicated to the prevention of domestic and family violence in our community. As a student I seek to empower other students and young people to advocate for social change.

Ridvan Kilic Electorate Officer Parliament of Victoria Ambassador

As a White Ribbon Ambassador, I’m passionate about playing my part in the eradication of this vile epidemic which has devastated our communities for many years.

Kimberley Advocate

Kimberley became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Andrew King Director Groupwork Solutions Ambassador

White Ribbon reminds me of the special and privileged voice that I have as a male in our society. In a household of women, it helps me to commit to talking about the important everyday. Through this, I live the required values in being the best father I can be. This also has ripple effects to others that I cross paths with.

Julian Kluge Assistant Principal - Religious Identity and Mission St Francis de Sales College Ambassador

I have worked in education for 20 years and am passionate about creating environments where children can flourish and be active contributors to society. As a husband and a father of two children I feel called to advocate for change and challenge perceptions and attitudes of violence against women.

Lizzy Kuoth Inclusion Capability Officer Level Crossings Advocate

i’m outspoken! Really passionate about leadership and Women’s empowerment space. Proactively involved in the advancement and advocacy of community interests.

Pam Lacey Advocate

Pam is proud to be a White Ribbon Advocate as she believes it is only with community support that we can bring about the social change we are seeking. She has a special interest in the Breaking the Silence Schools program and is making efforts in directing interested schools into the program.

Jason Lang Crew Person McDonalds Benalla Ambassador

I have been involved with White Ribbon for around two and a half years now. My involvement so far has mostly involved being part of the committee that plans the White Ribbon day march in my local community and has also involved me getting my workplace signed up as a supporter. I am passionate about making a difference as domestic violence is a big issue in my township.

Kelly Lavington Detective Brevet Sergeant SAPOL Advocate

A qualified governance professional, Yasmin assisted in the establishment of a Northern Territory White Ribbon Committee. She has organised events to raise funds and awareness for the prevention of violence against women, and has given talks to school children in remote Aboriginal communities to promote gender equality and prevent domestic violence.

Gerard Lessels Coordinator Tjuwanpa Women Rangers Ambassador

If we can achieve gender equality within our Communities, our Communities will be strong, Families will be strong, and therefore Country will be strong. Read more

Gillian Lewis Senior Policy Officer SA Health Advocate

Gillian is a passionate advocate for preventing men’s violence against women and children and is determined to make a difference and contribute in whatever way possible. Gillian believes violence against women starts with disrespect and an imbalance of power and equality. In the words of Lt General David Morrison: “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

Nat G.J. Loadsman KWY Family Services and Consultancy Ambassador

Having grown up surrounded by family and domestic violence, and now a father to three beautiful girls, I am committed to ending violence towards women and children.

Emma Loughnan Advocate

I am a Master of Social Work student at the University of Melbourne currently working in the disability sector. My passion for human rights has developed through lived experience and my increased exposure to social issues. Through my lived experience I have developed a broader understanding of the social attitudes that negatively impact survivors recovery, and how powerful and helpful it is to be supported by the men who speak out against these issues. I believe men calling for a change in attitude towards women and domestic violence issues is the most valuable resource the community can have and I am proud to support their efforts in any way I can.

Louise Advocate

Louise works with traumatised children and at a young women’s shelter. She’s passionate about empowering women and advocating for people in need, while giving them the skills and resources to advocate for themselves. She applied to become an Advocate because she strongly believes in everyone’s right to live free from abuse and harassment.

Kristiana Ludlow Advocate

Kristiana became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Eaian Maclean-Russell Leading Seaman Medic Royal Australian Navy Ambassador

Not only am I privileged as a medic to be able to provide an avenue of confidentiality, understanding and support, but as a Leading Seaman I am also able to demonstrate and promote acceptable behaviours and the need for change. Read more

Raglan Maddox Postdoctoral Fellow St. Michaels Hospital Ambassador

My family has been directly impacted by domestic violence and this lived experience helps motivate me to stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence against women. Read more

Brendan Maher CEO Ambassador

I am passionate about the prevention of violence against women and doing what I can to support the work of the White Ribbon Foundation.

Jen Mahony Business Development Manager Engineers Australia Advocate

I first moved to the Northern Territory in 1998, and love living there. I’ve recently gone back to study and am currently enrolled in an on-line Graduate course in Marketing with RMIT. I’m passionate about the community and enjoy co-ordinating fundraising events for animal charities. In my spare time I like to catch up with friends and relax.

Debs Majumdar Commercial Manager Fox Sports Ambassador

Debs is a media executive, fitness enthusiast and father of two young girls. He recently became a White Ribbon Ambassador after helping his organisation become an accredited work place, and has always been a strong advocate for preventing men’s violence against women. As a father of two girls, he hopes for a future where violence against women will be a thing of the past.

Phil Malligan Detective Sergeant NSW Police Ambassador

The NSW Police Force continues to improve our workplace polices which target gender equality, attitudes and behaviours towards women, while always encouraging the highest ethical standards. Read more

Paul Manuel Commanding Officer Australian Army Ambassador

Paul joined the Australian Army in 1996 and has served with the United Nations in Timor Leste and Sudan. He is currently serving as the Commanding Officer of 2nd General Health Battalion. As Commanding Officer of one of the most gender diverse units in the Army, Paul is an ardent advocate for diversity of thinking, leadership and the prevention of men’s violence against women.

Steve Martin Senator National Party of Australia Ambassador

Statistics show that domestic violence is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men, and as men we should stand up and speak up, sending a clear message that this is abuse should stop. Read more

Kelli Martin Founder KLM Solicitors Advocate

Kelli is extremely passionate in her belief for social justice, equality and empowerment and is genuinely committed to giving back to those who are less fortunate. She actively participates in fundraising events and volunteers for like minded organisations such as the Women’s Legal Service, who provide a support base for women and their children who have sadly fallen victim to domestic violence. Through Kelli’s sheer determination to provide this ongoing support, this alongside her own personal values was one of the many reasons she decided to launch her own law firm, KLM Solicitors. Kelli recruits experienced domestic violence lawyers who share the same values and have a particular focus advocating for legislative change in this space.

As a young mother of two girls, coupled with her natural fight to stand up and be a voice for those who are unable to, is exactly why she wants to get behind the White Ribbon program.

AJ Masefau Master Life Coach Purpose Living Academy Ambassador

One of my goals as a White Ribbon Ambassador is to advocate our government to secure funding and inclusion of the Breaking the Silence Schools Program to be made available to every school across Australia. Read more

Sally Matheson Pathologist Benalla Health Advocate

Sally is a speech pathologist working in community health in Benalla. She is passionate about being a White Ribbon Advocate as she sees the impact of family violence on children’s development and women’s self esteem.

Madhuri Mathisen Counsellor AnglicareWA Advocate

Madhuri is a counsellor and devoted to working with people who are facing difficulties in their relationships. In the country she was raised in, she watched the frequent mistreatment of women in her society. This observation made her eager to work with an organisation to prevent men’s violence against women.

Lisa May Advisor Dept. of Education & Child Development Advocate

Lisa is proud to be a White Ribbon Advocate and be part of the White Ribbon campaign to prevent men’s violence against women. She’s also proud of the Department for Education and Child Development for their continued involvement in the campaign and for their leadership commitment to the White Ribbon Workplace program.

Marion Mays Director Thalia Stanley Group Advocate

Marion is deeply committed to being part of the solution in the prevention of violence against women and children.

Liam McAdam Formula Ford Driver Dream Motorsport Ambassador

I hope to be able to continue being a positive role model for young men, both on and off the racetrack, and that I can be part of the solution that ends violence against women. Read more

Michael McCarthy Subcontractor APD Ambassador

When given the opportunity to share my story, men’s violence against women and talk of the White Ribbon Organisation, I do so. I am progressing ideas and will attempt to roll them out as soon as possible. I wear a white ribbon on my hat every working day which encourages the public to ask questions about WR.

Alan McCarthy School Engagement Officer Doveton College Ambassador

As a School Engagement Officer in Doveton College’s Community Team I am in a position to influence students, parents and community members about family violence and gender inequality. As a facilitator of the Men of Doveton Men’s Health Program I speak about men’s violence against women particularly from the perspective of a former policeman.

Tristan McCaughey Ambassador
Kevin McDonald Financial Adviser Ambassador

As I am lucky enough to have a number of caring, successful and supportive women in my life I want to do my part to work towards a safer world for them, one that will truly allow them to thrive. Becoming a White Ribbon Ambassador is important to me as I want to be part of the push towards eliminating violence against women through supporting the men in my community to challenge the behaviors and attitudes that underpin this issue.

Mellissa Mcinerney CEO DVINA Advocate

Mellissa became White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Chris McInerney National Product Manager Haines Medical Australia Ambassador

Dedicated father to my 2 beautiful children Noah and Harper. I have an extremely supportive, beautiful Fiance – Natalie. Family is everything. I want to be a role model to not only my own children and family – but to other members of the community. I enjoy sports, especially AFL and spending time with friends.

Alexander McKenzie Associate (Litigation) McLean McKenzie & Topfer Ambassador

I come from a background where the intelligence and independence of women is highly valued. I think that gender equality is very important, having grown up with a bit of a trailblazer mother and having heard and seen examples of male privilege my whole life.

Cameron McKenzie Ambassador

Cameron is the father to two daughters and strongly attests to role modelling, particularly men holding each other accountable to break the generational cycle of domestic and family violence against women in our communities. Outside of his ambassadorship with White Ribbon Australia, Cameron has a strong interest in domestic and family violence reform with respect to the link between primary prevention program outcomes and the Domestic Violence Specialist Courts.

Kate McMillan Manager Mildura Rural City Council Advocate

Kate became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Amit Menghani Production Manager Omvivo Ambassador

Amit studied aerospace engineering at RMIT University and proceeded to work and lead in a fast, hardcore manufacturing environment. Passionate about equal opportunity and gender equality, the move to writing a book on ‘The Dark Side of Leadership’ was a natural fit. Today, he strongly believes and promotes ‘Unity in Diversity.’

Barry Merritt Aboriginal Education Officer Forbes High School Ambassador

In my role as a White Ribbon Ambassador, I will aim to continue educating our younger generation, make them aware about the issue of men’s violence against women, and empower them to stand up and say it is not okay. Read more

Gary Merryweather Commander - Blacktown LAC NSW Police Ambassador

Despite the best efforts of police in responding and investigating such offences it is not enough to reduce or change the behavior of men. That’s why I decided that we need to dramatically change the acceptance of domestic violence happening within our community. Read more

Ryan Midgley Operations Manager Eldercare Ambassador

After implementing White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation for Eldercare in 2017, I was shocked at the significance of the issue of domestic violence and its prevalence in society. Personally I feel we all have a responsibility to make a change and support victims of domestic violence, and being an ambassador will allow me to formally support the great work White Ribbon are doing.

Carolyn Millard Manager Portland District Health Advocate

Carolyn believes that community change is about taking a step forward to make a difference. As individuals, we can change the shape of our community by becoming actively involved and saying enough is enough. Carolyn wants to show partners and children that there is another way to live which allows our children to grow and thrive.

Duncan Mitchell Retail Manager Golfworld Ambassador

Retail Manager and Drummer with 5 children and a genuine desire to see everyone reach their full potential in life and enjoy life.

Lorelle Molde Admin. Supervisor SA Health Advocate

Lorelle became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Cameron Moore Team Leader Student Welfare University of Canberra Ambassador

I’m a Wiradjuri Aboriginal man who is a passionate Human Services specialist. I advocate for the rights and welfare of all those around me and want to ensure the safety of all peoples.

Michelle Moss Advocate

Michelle was one of the trek members of the inaugural White Ribbon Trek for Respect in 2017 and is very passionate about creating communities that are committed to ensuring men are part of the solution where all women live in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse. She also works in human resources and sees her advocacy role important in embedding policies and processes that protects employees who are affected by domestic violence and abuse.

Jimmy Mtashar Teacher NSW Department of Education Ambassador

As an Ambassador, father and as a man, I am committed to being an active contributor to the process of change, to ensure that Gender Equality is not just a distant vision but a reality. Read more

Stephen Murphy Defence Aviation Program Manager Airflite Pty Ltd Ambassador

I became an Ambassador out of concern that the behaviors that were being highlighted within military organisations were at least partly the result of ingrained culture, and that the most effective way to deal with the problem was to work to change the culture. Read more

Cristina Murphy Doctor Advocate
Ragina Naidu Train Crew Sydney Trains Advocate

Ragina is passionate about women’s affairs including health and safety and the prevention of men’s violence against women.

Natalie Advocate

Natalie is a passionate advocate for preventing men’s violence against women. Drawing from her personal experience, she wishes to contribute to helping others in such situations. Natalie strongly believes she can constructively contribute to the change White Ribbon is driving on a community and strategic level.

Natalie Advocate

Family Violence is everyone’s business and standing together means just that. We must stand as one, to stamp out violence and use our voices to shine a light on gender issues and violence against children and women.

Rick Neagle Party President Dignity 4 Disability Ambassador

Violence is unacceptable, that’s the simple message of why I passionately support the work of White Ribbon Australia. Read more

Brett Newton Head Teacher Welfare Macintyre High School Ambassador

As the Head Teacher Welfare at a secondary school I see the effect that men’s violence against women has on families and community members from all parts of the community spectrum. After completing the Breaking the Silence School’s Program I saw the opportunity that I have as a mentor to educate boys and young men on respectful relationships and create a better future for all.

Andrew Nikolic Senior Member Administrative Appeals Tribunal Ambassador

We know it is a small number of men who are the perpetrators of domestic violence and the majority of men can have a beneficial influence on the minority. That means accentuating the role men should play in loving, respectful and equal relationships with women. Read more

Pastor Ernest Nnadigwe Domestic Violence and Relationship Counsellor/Pastor Ambassador

I have been running domestic violence group for men since 2010. I also engage men on individual sessions to help them to change their behaviors to respectful behavior. Read more

Jarrad Norman-Parker Contract Manager Dept. for Child Protection & Family Support Ambassador

What I consider rewarding is seeing the changes being made through new government initiatives particularly toward perpetrator response programs and being a part of those changes. Read more

Simone O'Brien Advocate

Being a survivor of a brutal domestic violence attack, Simone is making a stance for all women and children to speak up and make a change.

Keith O'Brien Assistant Chief Officer Victoria State Emergency Service Ambassador

As a person who has witnessed the effects of domestic violence in both my personal and professional life, I am passionate in helping others to understand no one should be subject to violence and we should respect and support each other so no one need live in fear of violence.

Sean O'Brien Managing Director Adelaide Nine Entertainment Company Ambassador

Violence against women needs to stop and I want to play my part in its demise. I have a son and I need to set the example of what is acceptable behaviour. My wife, daughter and their friends deserve to live in a society that is actually doing something about preventing domestic violence against women.

David O'Byrne Member for Franklin Tasmanian Parliament Ambassador

I hope to work with others to ensure that women are treated equally, are respected and are safe. That each action I take personally and in inspiring others to take action will lead to safer communities and a culture where women are treated with equity. Read more

Manjula O'Connor Executive Director ACHRH Advocate

Manjula is a Psychiatrist working in Melbourne CBD with more than three decades experience. Her passion is to promote community based activism to help support migrant communities take ownership of preventing men’s violence against women. Moving towards that goal she has led a number of Victorian and Federal government funded action research projects in the South Asian community

Cheryl O'Donnell Executive Manager Canberra PCYC Advocate

Cheryl witnesses the effect of trauma on young people everyday. She is passionate about giving people a voice to speak out to break the control of past experiences.

Andrew O'Keefe Presenter Channel Seven Network Ambassador

I want my beautiful daughter to have the same opportunities for success that my boys will take for granted. And I want her to be in the best possible kinds of relationships – those in which respect and dignity are shared. Read more

Anne O'Loughlin Principal Coulter Roache Advocate

Anne is a Family and Independent Children’s Lawyer. She sees the pervasive nature of domestic violence and the potentially lifelong detrimental effect it has on both victims and children through her work. Her experience gives her the opportunity to make a difference and to raise the profile of needs in the community in terms of domestic violence. She’s currently working to promote gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in preventing violence against women.

Steve O'Malley AFSM Leading Fire Fighter/Fairness and Inclusion Officer Ambassador

I have been a Firefighter for almost 30 years and a White Ribbon Ambassador for 10. My focus in the primary prevention of gendered violence has concentrated around gender inclusion in my male dominated workplace and dispelling the notion of strict gender roles and stereotypes. I am also the Fairness and Inclusion Officer at MFB and a Board and Hon Life Member of Women and Firefighting Australasia (WAFA).

Chelsea O'Neill Barista Alfa Bakehouse Advocate

Chelsea is a full time social work student who is passionate about a nation in which every woman can live in safety, free from abuse.

Olivia Operator Truck Advocate

Olivia is community minded and would like to see a world free of Violence against women and children, including changes to the law system to ensure women are properly advocated for and protected.

Sharon Orapeleng Policy Officer QLD Health Advocate

Sharon Orapeleng is a tireless community advocate for social inclusion and social justice with passion for raising community awareness on issues of mental health, domestic violence, diversity, equity and equality. She is a Principal Consultant at Psyched Solutions, providing community mental health awareness training including Mental Health First Aid, event hosting, youth mentoring, and cultural diversity talks and training.

Jed Paisley Deputy Principal Kempsey High School Ambassador

I am passionate about educating young people on expecting mutual respect through safe and caring relationships.

Barry Palta Service Officer Department of Human Services Ambassador

I decided to become a White Ribbon Ambassador to actively challenge, prevent and raise awareness about violence against women and children.

Dr Martin Parkinson AC PSM Secretary Dept of the Prime Minister & Cabinet Ambassador
Mark Parnell MLC Greens Member SA Parliament Ambassador

In State Parliament men have an important role not just in modelling good behaviour but in setting standards in law and policy for the whole State so that violence against women is always seen as unacceptable.

Scott Parrey Head Teacher Science NSW Department of Education Ambassador

Educating people in respectful behaviour towards women and preventing domestic violence is my passion. A world free of domestic violence is my dream. A world where survivors and victims feels safe and are able to trust again, knowing that they matter. For my daughter, my mother and the one I care deeply for.

Brian Paynter Member of Parliament Victorian Parliament Ambassador

Equality is about mutual respect and this starts at a very young age. I would like respectful relationships education embedded into our primary schools. Read more

Bernard Pearce Assistant Director Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade Ambassador

Gender equality exposes the impact of power (overt or covert) as it affects women and girls to reach their full potential. Read more

Graeme Pearce Director Cross Borders Program(Retired) Dept for Corrections SA Ambassador

Men can change their behaviour and the majority of family violence perpetrators are willing and want to change. It is the responsibility of other men to influence their fellow men to take the steps to stopping family violence. Read more

Jamie Pearce Cellar Door Manager Immerse Winery Yarra Valley Ambassador

I’m so privileged and passionate to be an ambassador for white ribbon and making it paramount the any violence physically, or mentally in not acceptable

Tony Pearson Chair White Ribbon Australia Ambassador

Tony is currently Chair of White Ribbon, and has over 8 years’ experience on listed, government, and not-for-profit boards and committees. Tony has also held a variety of senior executive positions as a finance and investment professional, most recently as Managing Director at HSBC. Tony also possesses a uniquely international outlook, with over 7 years in-country experience in China, Hong Kong, Mongolia, the Philippines, and North America. In addition, he is of British and Japanese cultural heritage, born in Kuching, Malaysia in 1974.

Mario Persello Carpenter/Joiner Total Kitchen Solutions Ambassador

I think gender equality is the beginning of everything we stand for. Without equality, our work would be 100 times harder to achieve our goal. Read more

Ivan Phillips Program Manager Department of State Development SA Ambassador

“My Story” is both emotional and confronting and hard for me to retell. But I also realise that it is this honesty that resonates with people and that this is the best way to get the message out. Read more

Garry Ponder Financial Planner Complete Wealth Ambassador

As a White Ribbon Ambassador I want to educate the general population to the necessity of creating a World where all women and girls are safe and free from all forms of men’s abuse.

Rebecca Poulson CEO The Poulson Family Foundation Advocate

Rebecca is an Advocate for White Ribbon, an Ambassador of Our Watch and CEO of The Poulson Family Foundation. Her story is a powerful, unforgettable story about tragedy, grief – and hope. Changes in domestic violence laws have been directly attributed to Rebecca’s efforts. Rebecca is the single mother of three beautiful children aged eight years and under.

Dave Pugh CEO Anglicare NT Ambassador

I realised that so many of the clients and young people coming into our services were impacted by family violence and that I, as a male leader, needed to also stand up about this issue. Read more

Greg Purdue EW Specialist RAAF Ambassador

I am a father, partner and son. I am unable to change the past, so I aim to influence the future.

Brianna Ragel Head of Strategy Mahlab Media Advocate

Brianna has a handful of experiences in media, technology and consulting and is proud to continue spreading the White Ribbon message as an Advocate.

Stephanie Raike Head of Wellbeing and Support Elisabeth Murdoch College Advocate

Working with young people in my current and previous roles, and volunteering in advocacy positions with State and Commonwealth governments – I am incredibly passionate about empowering a generation to understand and facilitate respectful relationships. I am honoured to be a White Ribbon Advocate. I will continue to challenge the attitudes, behaviour and beliefs to ensure we, as a community, are raising strong young women and supportive young men.

Gary Rake Partner - Consulting Deloitte Ambassador

I’m trying to help men own this issue and own the solution. I’ve spoken at community events, in the public sector and in the private sector.

Ajay Ramdas Senior Advisor Moorabool Shire Council Ambassador

I believe that gender equality creates an open and friendly environment to address gender discrimination and gender biases which give rise to violence against women. Read more

Sean Redmond National People and Culture Manager COPE Sensitive Freight Ambassador

As a National People and Culture Manager I have the opportunity to embody and champion cultural change in my everyday work. I believe that the safety of women is everyone’s responsibility.

All men must be willing agents of change against the existing gender bias culture that accepts and perpetuates the commoditisation, brutalisation and marginalisation of women.

Rod Reeve Managing Director Ninti One Ltd Ambassador

I became an Ambassador to be a role model for the people that I interact with in everyday work and life generally. I felt like I needed ‘to make a stand’ to prevent men’s violence against women. Read more

Shane Reid Sergeant QLD Police Ambassador

Domestic Violence affects all walks of life regardless of gender or race. Every person whether female or male has a right to live free of violence. Read more

Renee Officer City of Canterbury Advocate

Renee became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Craig Rigney CEO Kornar Winmil Yunti Ambassador

I believe that we as men need to keep up the conversation relating to ending domestic and Aboriginal family violence going until we seen an it end to this in all of our communities. Read more

Suzanne Roberts Advocate

Suzanne looks forward to continuing to support White Ribbon and raise awareness of the issue of violence against women. She seeks to make changes to the legal system to better support women to remain resilient and make perpetrators accountable.

Jenny Roberts Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students) Charles Sturt University Advocate

Jenny’s role as Deputy Vice-Chancellor requires her to actively work with staff and students to ensure a safe and respectful culture across the University. The advocate role is a natural extension of this.

Ian Robinson Youth, Men and Families Worker/DV Behaviour Change Program Facilitator Ambassador

I have worked in community services for the past 12 years as a Youth Worker and Men in Families Worker, and the past 4 years as a Men’s Domestic Violence Behaviour Change Program Facilitator and Intake and Assessment Worker. Very passionate about ending men’s violence against women and children. I participated in the first White Ribbon “Trek for Respect”

Glen Robinson Paramedic Ambulance NSW Ambassador

I am a Paramedic with Ambulance NSW and prior to this I was a NSW Police Officer for 20 years. I have two teenage children a boy and girl, and during my Policing career I have witnessed and investigated a number of domestic violence incidents. I saw how victims were dealt with throughout the entire ordeal, especially with the courts and how it affected not only the victims but their families, friends and the broader community. I wanted to do more to help and educate the younger men, our future leaders and decided the best way to do this was by becoming a White Ribbon Ambassador.

Philip Robinson Executive Director Corporate Services SA Government Ambassador

I am proud to be a White Ribbon Ambassador and have lead the process for our organisation, the Women’s and Children’s Health Network in Adelaide become an accredited White Ribbon workplace. I have a strong commitment to initiatives that prevent and respond to violence against women, children and families.

Robyn Advocate

Robyn is passionate about being an Advocate as she previously experienced the impacts of family violence. Her mission is to educate and bring awareness to women that domestic violence against women is not ok and there is help out there

Cameron Rogerson Manager IGA Ambassador

As a feminist, White Ribbon relates well with my beliefs of achieving gender equality and improving the welfare of women globally.

Rosanna Advocate

Rosanna is extremely passionate about being a White Ribbon Advocate as she suffered severe trauma to the brain as a result of domestic violence and wants to help many others. She strongly believes in fighting domestic violence starts with being a peaceful warrior.

Rowa Practice Lead SGCH Advocate

Rowa has worked in the social housing sector for over fifteen years, helping women escape from violent relationships and working with families in crisis, seeing the impacts domestic violence has on families and community has made her very passionate about being an Advocate for White Ribbon Australia.

Ozzie Salvatico Sporting Club Secretary Glenroy Football Club Ambassador

I am currently Sporting Club Secretary for the Glenroy Football Club and conduct as many events to support White Ribbon and to make people aware of their duty of care towards preventing domestic violence.

David Salvestrin Project Manager Cancer Institute NSW Ambassador

I have seen first hand the devastating effect that domestic violence can have on a family, from the loss of life to ongoing problems for the effected children. It is my responsibility as a man in 2017 to stand up and speak out against domestic violence against women

Brian Samuel President Progressive Judaism Victoria Ambassador

I have been involved in White Ribbon for several years having previously been associated with organisations in crime prevention with an emphasis on domestic violence. If I can save one life by spreading the message then I will feel satisfied I have contributed to a very worthwhile cause.

Jericho Sayson Personnel Capability Officer Royal Australian Air Force Ambassador

I believed that through becoming a White Ribbon Ambassador I would be able to share with the following generations the fact that I am, and that my generation are, willing to listen and acknowledge that a change is needed. Read more

Steve Semmens Director The Persuader Ambassador

As a survivor of domestic violence, I was shocked to find out so many people in our community, at the time knew, what was going on but never intervened and never spoke up.

Brett Shackleton Principal Ferny Grove State School Ambassador

As the Principal of Ferny Grove State School and a father I have made a personal commitment to make a difference. The most powerful way I can do this is to model respectful behaviour towards women and influence the next generation of young men. White Ribbon has provided me with the powerful vehicle through which to have an impact on men’s violence towards women.

Peter Shanahan Chairman Police Health/Emergency Services Health Ambassador

Peter Shanahan is the General Counsel for the SAPOL Commissioner and the chairman of two private health funds, Police Health and Emergency Services Health. In all of these leadership roles it is important to stand up strongly and proudly for the rights of women to be not subject to any form of discrimination or violence. Leaders must take every opportunity to articulate values that are important to them.

Craig Shapiro Co-CEO & Founder Blue River Group Ambassador

It is incumbent upon all men & boys to take ownership of the domestic violence issue. I hope to be able to educate my male colleagues on how prevalent domestic violence is in our society and to demonstrate how we can collectively rid our society of this chronic issue.

Arun Sharma Chair Celebrate India Inc. Ambassador

I hope to educate as many and as far as possible to accept everyone equal regardless of their looks, colour, gender or physical strength. Read more

Rangi Simmons Exec Manager Commonwealth Bank Advocate

Rangi is a mother, a professional and a passionate speaker & advocate for change. She is committed to being part of the White Ribbon social change movement to prevent men’s violence against women and hopes to see this occur within a generation.

Chenae Simpson Admin Secretary Supreme Line Fencing Advocate

As a survivor of domestic violence, Chenae would like nothing more than to help women find their voices and postiively engage men to be part of the solution to end men’s violence against women.

Jessica Single Caseworker Dept. of Family & Community Services Advocate

Jessica is a child protection caseworker in the Newcastle Joint Investigation Response Team. As a White Ribbon Advocate, Jessica is a trained female representative of White Ribbon to prevent men’s violence against women. She has witnessed firsthand the impact domestic violence has on women and their children, and hopes that as a White Ribbon Advocate she can be a voice for women who cannot speak for themselves.

Marianne Siokos Principal Dept. of Education Advocate

Marianne is an educational leader who believes that all of our children should grow up in a world free from violence. She believes that in order to achieve this, we must prevent men’s violence against women. Through the promotion of gender equality, healthy respectful relationships and the engagement of men, Marianne believes we can make a difference to the lives of future generations.

Sadhana Smiles CEO Harcourts Advocate

For the past 5 years, Sadhana has spearheaded the Walk a Mile event, raising awareness of the issue of domestic violence and raising funds for the White Ribbon Schools program. She is passionate about ensuring that the issue of violence against women, or anyone for that matter continues to stay in the forefront of discussions and legislation changes and that our education programs create respectful relationships which over a period of time will have a generational impact on this issue

Tara Smith Coordinator Camp Australia Advocate

As a passionate advocate for White Ribbon, healing arts, wellbeing and education, Tara feels privileged to connect with people in a way that allows her to fulfil her heart’s purpose. Her journey as an art therapist and educator has evolved through her ever growing love of the arts, lived experiences and a strong desire to use her skills and knowledge to make a difference in this life.

Christopher Southcote-Want NFP and Government Consultant Six Degrees Executive Ambassador

As an ongoing supporter for White Ribbon, Chris is excited to become an Ambassador for 2018 and making a difference through his community. Chris has worked extensively with Domestic Violence programs and has a deep routed passion for driving gender equality and education as a key contributors to reducing violence.

Daniel Spooner Dogcity Daycare Ambassador

As an Ambassador, I am passionate about leading the way to a progressive and diverse community and promoting gender equality. It remains my challenge to play an active day to day role in the fight to end men’s violence against women.

Kritika Srivastava Social Work Student Monash University Advocate

I am passionate about gender equality, social justice and reducing stigma surrounding abuse against women with a deep interest in research and policy development. As the President for Zonta International’s Golden Z Club at Monash University, I understand the importance of empowering young girls, women and men to engage and speak out to promote a global social change. Respect and safety are basic human rights and I hope to contribute in building a safer community free from gender-based violence and disrespect.

Kiesha Stehbens Store Manager Friendly Grocer Advocate

Kiesha is a mother of two boys from Queensland. She’s passionate about White Ribbon, and excited to be an advocate. Kiesha has experienced domestic violence and she’s wanting to help raise awareness in our community’s of the scale of this problem and that it’s everyone’s issue! We all need to Stand up and Speak out!

Morgan Stewart CEO Club Taree Ambassador

I believe my role as an Ambassador is to be authentic and an example for others to follow not just in the Hospitality Industry but across our wider community.

Tod Stokes Kornar Winmil Yunti Ambassador

As an Ambassador, Tod has created several initiates in his local community, including a mosaic program that supports 15 organisations to talk about and create a mosaic around DFV, the club connect program that supported 60 football clubs to be educated on Domestic and Family violence . White ribbon round at the Port Noarlunga football club and the Southern football league, where 2500 men swear an oath every year not to commit violence towards women and children this event is in its 10th year. Tod passion is to support local communities to have conversations and eventually change attitudes in those communities. Tod Also works at KWY an Aboriginal organisation where he works with Aboriginal men to change violent behaviour as a men’s group facilitator.

Storm Advocate

Storm became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Vanessa Swan Director SA Office for Women Advocate

Vanessa is the Executive Director Offender Development, South Australian Department for Correctional Services. She has been the Director of the SA Office for Women and the Director of Yarrow Place, Rape and Sexual Assault Service. Vanessa was a member of the Parole Board of South Australia for nine years and a member of the National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children.

Jeremy Tarbox NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet Ambassador

I’m passionate about everyone in our society having opportunities to achieve their best. I grew up in regional NSW and have worked in engineering, international development and government with businesses and communities. We’ll be an even better society when we achieve gender equality – we need to work towards it every day!

Craig Taunton Youth Arts Worker BYDS Ambassador

Domestic violence is such a huge issue and I believe that this inequality plays a big part in contributing to the abuse that women experiencing in relationships.

Mark Taylor Senior WHS Consultant SA Health Ambassador

As a Correctional Officer I witnessed the impact Domestic Violence has on not only the wives/partners but on the children in a family. Working in Health has allowed me to be part of the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation program where I learned more about the significance of domestic violence and how prevalent it is in society. As an Ambassador I will be able to support White Ribbon and personally work to help change the gender imbalance through educating the younger generation.

Alex Taylor-Pitcher Community Officer White Ribbon Australia Ambassador

Whether it’s a woman you don’t yet know, or a woman you will never know. We need to act and encourage everyone in society to let go of attitudes and behaviours that oppress and control women. Read more

Nick Thompson Program Manager - DFV Relationships Australia, QLD Ambassador

Nick has been on the Board of DVAC since September 2016 and was elected Chairperson at the 2017 AGM. Nick has spent the last ten years working in a variety of front line and management roles supporting families and children experiencing adversity and violence including as CEO of the Aboriginal Family Legal Service Southern Queensland and as a caseworker with the Ipswich Intensive Family Support Service. Nick holds a Bachelor of Social Science, Master of Social Work and a Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery Certificate from Harvard. Nick is passionate about making sure that communities across Ipswich & the Darling Downs Regions have accessible and effective family violence prevention and support services and that confronting and challenging the cause and effect of gendered violence in the community is a continued strategic priority of the DVAC board.

Tina Advocate

I am an advocate who journeys with women who have been dis-empowered by violence. Every woman’s pathway to redemption looks different. Some need forgiveness, others justice and some just need healing. I have the privilege of listening to their stories, sharing the impacts of violence with the public and helping to ensure that what happened to them, does not happen again.

Dave Tinelt Ambassador

By day I’m a Housing/Homelessness Specialist, by night I’m lead vocals in a metal band. Both of these give me the opportunity to discuss the problem of Domestic Violence with the intention to boost awareness and education to my audiences and the wider community.

Vanessa Tingcombe Bankskii Pty Ltd. Advocate

I am passionate about stopping violence against women. I think the first step is educating kids and hopefully we will build a better future generation of young men.

Jo Tory Founder/ Creative Director NAJO JEWELLERY Advocate

White Ribbon’s approach is to educate youth so that no entrenched attitudes of gender inequality are carried through generations. It is time for change.

Michael Tran Electorate Officer Parliament of NSW Ambassador

As a young person who joined the White Ribbon Australia Ambassador’s Team whilst in High School, I can say without a doubt that the work that we do as Ambassadors makes a substantial impact on people in our communities.

Michelle Tran Teacher ANZUK Education Advocate

Michelle is a secondary school teacher and a law student. She wants to use her personal journey to help others; to create a positive outcome as a result of her experience. She wants to make a difference and spread the word to facilitate change and increase awareness. Michelle wants to help protect the vulnerable and to empower others, and to be part of a community where women are treated as equals and never have to fear for their safety.

Shane Tremble General Manager - Corporate Services Endeavour Drinks Group Ambassador

I believe that male violence against women is driven by inequality. All men need to work toward changing attitudes that justify the use of violence and intimidation as a tool to perpetuate this inequality.

Nick Truelson Chief Commercial Officer Western Bulldogs Ambassador

As an Ambassador I am passionate about changes taking place now, as well as for the next generation and the ones after that. Read more

Stuart Turner General Manager - Real Estate Viva Energy Australia Limited Ambassador

I am a White Ribbon Ambassador because I want to change men’s attitudes. I want my daughters to grow up expecting to be treated equal to men and to live safely and free from all forms of men’s abuse.

Penelope Twemlow CEO Energy Skills QLD Advocate

Penelope is a survivor of domestic violence. She is a true leader of people and operations. She has been recognised as an innovator with unsurpassed drive and passion. She continues to receive accolades for her vision and entrepreneurship, including being named the 2016 Queensland Telstra Business Woman of the Year for the Social Enterprise and Not-for-Profit category. Her stamina, resilience and wicked sense of humour have carried her through extraordinary challenges.

Deepak Vinayak OAM JP People of Australia Ambassador Public Transport Victoria Ambassador

Through my association with White Ribbon Foundation, I have also helped many young men overcome personal and professional challenges and helped them in conducting workshops to promote violence-free homes.

Chris Wagner Head of Communications Australian War Memorial Ambassador

For too long I listened while men made those self-same arguments, ‘it’s not me’ or ‘it happens to men too’ or that most despicable of excuses ‘it’s just boys being boys’. All just excuses to keep doing nothing. Read more

Drew Wagner Excecutive Director - NT Division Minerals Council of Australia Ambassador

As a White Ribbon Ambassador, I hope to become increase my involvement in the movement, and to continue to spread White Ribbon’s message to stand up for what I believe is right. Read more

Roslyn Wai General Manager Coliban Water Advocate

Roslyn an advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equality. A past personal connection to domestic violence and the experience of sharing of her ‘secret’ made her realise that all of us can make a difference.

Ernie Walsh Aerospace Engineer Royal Australian Air Force Ambassador

I’m fortunate not to have a harrowing history of violence against a close relative or friend to galvanise me into action, but after hearing the first hand story of an Air Force woman who had experienced intimate partner violence I decided to do what I could to help stop violence against women. Read more

David Wark CEO St Vincent de Paul Society (SA) Ambassador

It is a privilege to be a White Ribbon Ambassador. My ambition with regards to White Ribbon is for my daughter and sons to not have to consider gender inequality as an issue in any environment. Australia has the ability to both educate and eradicate domestic violence in all its forms. If that needs be one family at a time, one street at a time, one suburb at a time and one business at a time I’m up for the challenge. To that end I am delighted that my workplace, Vinnies in South Australia, has achieved White Ribbon accreditation and now stands as an uncompromising advocate to end domestic violence.

Michael Wassing Deputy Commissioner QLD Fire & Emergency Services Ambassador

As a leader in our community safety focused organisation, as a father of daughters and as a husband to my wife, I have responsibilities to ensure any form of violence against women is prevented.

Brad Webb Acting CEO Samaritans Ambassador

Brad Webb is a leader in the NGO sector in Newcastle and the Hunter, with a long standing commitment to the promotion of gender equality. As a White Ribbon Ambassador he is using his leadership role to support other men in taking responsibility for violence against women and children.

Leo Wei ACYEC Ambassador

I’m actively involved in community and charity work within the broad multicultural community.

Vicky Welgraven Advocate

Vicky Welgraven is a proud Adnyamathanha woman from the Northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia and is a loving mother and wife. Vicky has worked in the Public Sector for the past 23 years (in both federal and state) where she has held a number of key positions including managing staff. Vicky is a person who is recognised and well respected not only in South Australia but also on a National and International Level.

Phil Wells Human Resources Manager L'Oréal Australia Ambassador

My aspiration with White Ribbon is to continue to foster inclusivity, intentionally leverage such community energy to instrumentally and responsibly drive positive social change.

Mandy Whelan General Manager Mildura Rural City Council Advocate

Mandy became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Tanya Whitehouse Coordinator Macarthur Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service Advocate

Tanya is passionate about being a White Ribbon Advocate because she believes that domestic violence is everyone’s business. Tanya firmly believes that we cannot tackle this huge issue properly unless we do it together. Her goal is to encourage everyone to think about the issue of domestic violence as much as possible.

Jack Whitney Women and Child Health Social Worker Ambassador

Jack is a social worker who is passionate about human rights, social justice and advocacy. Jack works in the area of women and child health, and believes that safe, supported and connected families make healthy societies. Jack became an Ambassador because he believes to have healthy people and societies we need to begin with a world free from violence.

Tom Whittenbury Pathways and Day Centre Manager Hutt St Centre Ambassador

As a manger for a homelessness service, I believe that as an Ambassador I can spread the word of White Ribbon among other community services, educate men on the different types of abuse and support victims. Read more

Shellie Wilkes Teacher Junior Science Academy Advocate

Shellie is a university student, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a girlfriend, a friend and an artist. In her own walks of life, she has seen and heard both beautiful and terrible things about the treatment of women. She believes men’s violence against women is an unacceptable part of our society, and from casual sexism to extreme violence and manipulation she believes it’s time for it to end.

Kerry Williams Indigenous Programs Manager Cairns Taipans Ambassador

I hope in the future that we don’t have to campaign about men’s violence against women; I hope in society we see men’s violence as abnormal behaviour and gender equality as normal. Read more

Sam Wills Youth Worker Centacare Ballarat Ambassador

I am an Actor and a Youth Worker with a deep commitment to my community. Collectively we can work together to cultivate a more kind, accountable, and supportive communal body. As a White Ribbon Ambassador, it is my intention to be a model of correct behaviour and stand up for fairness, to speak up for kindness and to act in a spirit of care, understanding and compassion.

Brent Wilson Patrol Sergeant South Australian Police Ambassador

In the past, I have witnessed the inequality within my own workplace in my time in the job, and believe that any initiative to eliminate bias against women is extremely important. Read more

Jennifer Wilson School Counsellor Gordonvale State High School Advocate

As a school counsellor, Jenny is passionate about our young people and their future relationships – both males and females.

Matt Wilton Manager Student Support Services Department for Education Ambassador

Having been in Education for more than 20 years I believe changing gender imbalance starts now with all young people including those directly impacted by men’s violence against women. These young people are our future leaders.

Nama Winston Writer Freelance Advocate

Nama Winston is a writer and content producer at women’s news website Mamamia. She is passionate about gender equality, and strongly believes in the inclusion of women in the conversation to help stop men’s violence against women.

Lauren Winters Head Multi Channel Network Advocate

Lauren is personally committed to helping women in Australia experience true gender equality and be free from male violence and abuse. She believes that It is important that together we stand up and speak out together to eliminate the issue of men’s violence against women and she is looking forward to contributing to the solution.

Julie Wood People's Choice Credit Union Advocate

Julie became a White Ribbon Advocate in October 2017. She is passionate about promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and the engagement of men in order to see a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from men’s violence and abuse.

Alexander Woolley Commercial Negotations Lead Telstra Ambassador

Since becoming a White Ribbon Ambassador I am able to take a united front with my wife in leading conversations with our three adult sons and two adult daughters about these issues.

Donna Wright HR Manager Detmold Group Advocate

In a professional and personal context, Donna advocates for gender equality and recognises issues affecting women in modern day society. Actively supporting White Ribbon since 2013, Donna is also currently serving as the Director of the Zonta Club Adelaide Flinders Board, empowering women through services and advocacy. As a White Ribbon Advocate, Donna dedicates herself in raising awareness for women experiencing domestic violence, alongside promoting equality and diversity.

Ken Wyatt MP Minister for Aged Care & Indigenous Health Australian Parliament Ambassador

What we are now seeing are levels of violence that not only impact on women but children, too. Children seeing men committing assaults against women and thinking it’s a normal process. We have to break that. Read more

Jill Wynd volunteer Palm Beach Neighbourhood Centre Advocate

Jill volunteers at Palm Beach Neighbourhood Centre, and she’s passionate about the White Ribbon campaign.

Greg Yee Counsellor/Trainer/Supervisor Ambassador

Without denying that other perpetrators exist, men remain the most common and most damaging perpetrator of family violence. It is not right that only women confront this behaviour and this issue. Read more

Roger Yeo Vice Commodore Port Stephens Yacht Club Ambassador

A father of a victim of men’s violence against women and a passionate advocate for social change, I am committed to the White Ribbon cause… for life.

Lina Zuccarelli Student Monash University Advocate

Lina is a journalism and finance student at Monash University. She joined White Ribbon because she is passionate about fighting against domestic violence and helping other people. She hopes sharing her story will inspire others who are struggling.

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