Prevent men’s violence against women

How your donation helps

White Ribbon Australia’s Vision is a future where all women live in safety free from men’s violence and abuse.

White Ribbon Australia is 90% funded by the community and every donation counts. We rely on donations from the community to drive social change and challenge the attitudes and behaviours that can lead to men’s violence against women.

Where your gift goes

Your donation will support our vital work to end men’s violence against women. Your generosity helps develop and extend our prevention work which includes programs in schools, workplaces and the broader community along with initiatives to engage men, advocacy, community support and training.

With your donation we can help stop this devastating issue that destroys families, health and communities. We can build happier and safer homes, highlight positive male role modelling and educate children so that future generations do not experience the same issue.

Thank you for your support!

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how your donation helps

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