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Workplace Giving

What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving allows you to support White Ribbon Australia with a regular donation. As a Workplace Giving employee, this regular donation is taken out of your pre-tax salary. By signing up with an automated Workplace Giving program, your employer automatically pays the donation directly to us.

Some organisations choose to match the amount given by the employee to double the impact! Donations are taken from pre–tax pay so the tax benefit for you is immediate and there is no need to keep receipts or claim at tax time. Workplace Giving is an easy and effective way to support White Ribbon in our vital primary prevention work.

How do I sign up to Workplace Giving for White Ribbon Australia?

White Ribbon Australia is registered to receive workplace giving funds via Good2Give. Find your employer company on Good2Give or nominate your company and sign up. Then choose ‘White Ribbon Australia’ as your charity of choice. Once all the approvals have gone through, your regular donation will be automatically paid by your employer from your pre-tax salary pay.


Become a Workplace Employee Giver to White Ribbon Australia

Why sign up your organisation for White Ribbon Workplace Giving?

Show leadership and create the workplace where your team believes in your company, the vision and their values. More and more individuals are looking to their workplace to be more socially and environmentally responsible. Some benefits of signing up your organisation with the White Ribbon Workplace Giving program includes:

  1. Showcase your organisation’s values and offer a purpose-driven workforce
  2. Boost employee morale and engagement – especially when your company matches employee workplace giving donations
  3. Make a real impact on the future generation of Australia, helping us create a society free from violence

To learn more about the benefits of Workplace Giving for companies, download the flyer here.


Sign up your organisation for Workplace Giving

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