Prevent men’s violence against women

Don’t just stand by

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Stand up, speak out and act to stop domestic violence and abuse

To end men’s violence against women we must stand up, speak out and act. Silence and inaction will let this violence continue. Here are some tips on how to stop domestic violence and abuse.

Tips for speaking out

Sometimes you may see your friends behaving abusively, for example sexually harassing a woman in the street or telling sexist jokes. If is happens, you can:

  • Distract your friends by saying something like ‘relax, that’s enough’.
  • Don’t laugh – silence cuts.
  • Tell your friends to stop.
  • Walk away to show that you do not approve of their behaviour.

Sometimes it is hard to know what to say when someone makes an inappropriate statement about women or behaves inappropriately towards a woman. Try one of the following tactics to respond:

  • If you are with friends and someone says something that makes you uncomfortable or that you feel is wrong, you can say: “I’m not sure what you mean. What did you say?”
  • Sometimes people forget they are talking about a real person. To remind them and change the conversation, you can say: “What if this was your sister/daughter/son?”
  • Give your opinion to show your disapproval: “I believe abusing a woman is wrong.”
  • If you are with a group of people, you’re probably not the only one feeling uncomfortable. Let others know they are not alone and encourage them to speak up by asking: “Am I the only one uncomfortable with this?”



How you can help STOP violence against women. The STOP Kit gives practical tips on how to help stop violence against women.

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Myths and Reality

Learn the common myths and realities about violence against women, and how to respond.

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Challenging your Friend's Behaviour

Learn different ways to challenge your friend’s inappropriate actions.

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Safely intervene when you see violence happening

If you witness violence, focus on what you can do. Always keep yourself and others safe.

Call 000 in an emergency. You can also:

  • call the police
  • be a witness — stand somewhere close but safe so the violent person knows they are being watched
  • ask for help from people near you.


If you see violence and abuse, and you feel safe, talk about the behaviour you have seen: “You are my friend but I think the way you criticise and intimidate her is wrong.”

Act! Get involved in violence prevention

There are many things you can do to stop domestic violence and abuse before it happens.

Read up on what you can do to help prevent men’s violence against women from happening in the first place.


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