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White Ribbon’s policy on activities we can support

White Ribbon Australia’s vision is a nation that respects women, in which every woman lives in safety free from all forms of men’s violence. If your company is interested in supporting White Ribbon or becoming a White Ribbon partner, please read below before expressing interest.

White Ribbon relies on donations from corporate Australia and the community to continue our important work. An organisation’s financial support enables us to develop primary prevention programs and to strengthen and broaden the reach of our work to engage men in the prevention of men’s violence against women. White Ribbon relies on and appreciates the support of corporate Australia.

White Ribbon does not partner with organisations that are engaged in activities that we perceive to undermine White Ribbon’s vision. These include:

  • Initiatives that position women as bearing responsibility for preventing men’s violence against them (including safety devices and self-defence).
  • Artwork, products and activities involving the perceived objectification and manipulation of women or men (including calendars and shows).
  • Proceeds from the manufacture or sale of tobacco.
  • Proceeds from gambling, such as casinos, corporate bookmakers and state-based pari-mutuel organisations.
  • Practices that use marketing techniques which contribute to gender inequality.
  • Practices that sexually discriminate.
  • Practices that abuse and/or endanger Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Copy for Plays/Theatre Productions

White Ribbon is unable to endorse or partner with theatre productions or plays where content is not known and where promotions, content or marketing may be perceived to undermine White Ribbon’s vision.

White Ribbon may provide an ‘in support of’ logo for plays and productions aligning with White Ribbon’s core values and where a relationship has been established through a White Ribbon School, White Ribbon Workplace, White Ribbon Partner, White Ribbon Ambassador or White Ribbon Advocate.

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