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White Ribbon Committees

What is a White Ribbon Committee?

White Ribbon Committees are formal groups who represent White Ribbon Australia in their community. They have embraced the White Ribbon social change movement to prevent men’s violence against women and support the national office to coordinate and inform White Ribbon Australia activity in their state/territory or region. Committee members are passionate individuals from across the community, including from the public and private sectors, domestic and family violence service providers, other not-for-profit organisations, sports clubs and educational institutions.

White Ribbon Committees play a critical role in supporting White Ribbon Australia to coordinate local action, foster positive relationships and ensure the work of White Ribbon is reflective of community needs.

There are two main types of White Ribbon Committees: State/Territory Committee and Regional Committee. In addition, there are also numerous White Ribbon Community Action Groups who play an integral part in the White Ribbon social change movement.


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State/Territory Committee

Formal representative groups of White Ribbon Australia with a whole of State/Territory jurisdiction. They are primarily responsible for guiding state-level strategy and engagement, such as engaging sector peaks and leading organisations in developing strategies which grow and integrate White Ribbon through policy, practice and institutions.

Regional Committee

Formal representative groups of White Ribbon Australia which are regionally or suburb based. They support the national office to coordinate and inform White Ribbon in their region with a particular focus on events and projects, local program integration and relationship building.

Community Action Group

Community-established, informal volunteer groups which coordinate White Ribbon events or local projects with limited involvement from the White Ribbon national office. These groups are not representatives of White Ribbon Australia as they do not participate in organisational vetting processes or operational structures. However, they play a significant role in growing the White Ribbon social movement at the community level.

What do White Ribbon Committees do?

White Ribbon Committees create a focal point for driving a whole of community approach to preventing gender inequality and violence against women.

The activities of White Ribbon Committees align with Four Key Focus Areas:


1. Relationship building

Network, represent and build strategic relationships on behalf of White Ribbon Australia

2. Advocacy

Support the national office to advocate to governments and institutions for best practice, effective policy and reform in addressing violence against women

3. Supporting White Ribbon programs and Initiatives

Organise and participate in White Ribbon fundraising and educational events to promote and integrate the work of  White Ribbon programs and initiatives

4. Developing local initiatives

Collaborate with a range of stakeholders to grow local strategies which educate and mobilise men and the broader community around the prevention of violence against women

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on White Ribbon Committees, visit our frequently asked questions page.

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