Prevent men’s violence against women

Western Australia State Committee

The WA State Committee was established in 2015 with a focus on strengthening connections between key supporters in WA. Committee membership was expanded in 2018 and today, it comprises 15 highly skilled members with a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds.

The current Committee priorities include:

  1. Growing connectivity among White Ribbon stakeholders in WA, including Ambassadors, Advocates, White Ribbon Workplaces, White Ribbon Schools, and sporting clubs
  2. Integrate prevention within the CALD and ATSI communities
  3. Promote and facilitate strategic growth in key White Ribbon Program areas
  4. Supporting regional and remote prevention activity
Max Lewington Practice Director, Legal Services WA Dept Communications Ambassador
Wayne Austin Principal Dianella Secondary College Ambassador
Gordon Fairman Inspector WA Police Ambassador
Kelda Oppermann CEO Zonta House Refugee Association Inc.
Tori Cooke Manager, Justice & Family Services Ruah Community Services Advocate
Patrick Crosbie Training Systems Officer Royal Australian Navy Ambassador
Damian Green CEO Stopping Family Violence Inc.
Jessica Hamberley Policy and Engagement Officer WA Dept of Communities (Family and Domestic Violence Unit)
Ian Carter CEO Anglicare WA
Jim Adamos Councillor City of Perth
Clayton Hanrahan Manager Port Production, WA Iron Ore BHP

I joined the Committee because I want to use my networking and organisational skills to help change society to one where all women and children are treated respectfully, fairly and well without being subjected to physical or emotional abuse. Nearly all men and women have experienced poor male role models and I want to change myself and help others to change to become better male role models for the future.

As a Principal and the father of two adult girls and a granddaughter I have a vested interest in supporting the principles of White Ribbon. I want to be a part of an organization that teaches our boys the importance of being respectful, to understand the damage domestic violence has on a family but most importantly to teach our young people to speak up and help change the culture of domestic violence.

As a Police Officer of 30 years I have repeatedly witnessed the effect that violence against women has on individuals, families and communities. As a father of two young women I recognise and appreciate the importance of standing up within the community and actively seeking to inform and advocate for a better future.

I want to make a genuine difference to the prevalence of family and domestic violence and positively impact past survivors and understand that this needs the support of the greater community to do so. White Ribbon Australia is one of few vehicles that has the reach to be able to make a significant positive impact through education and awareness particularly for men, children and young people.

I have seen first-hand the devastating impacts of family and domestic violence on individuals and families and the tragic and horrific trauma experienced by victims and survivors at the hands of violent and abusive perpetrators.

It is not acceptable – I do not want to be a passer-by and I simply want action.

Standing up against violence against women is important to me because the silencing of violence and abuse has pervaded Australian society and culture in a way that has seriously impacted on individuals, families and communities.

I joined the WA White Ribbon Committee after nearly two decades of work in the family and domestic violence field. Working at the front line is important but not the social change solution. Having a coordinated approach through primary prevention that involves men as the key drivers of change means that change is more sustainable over time. I’m excited to be more involved in a movement of change that is holistic and innovative.

The 2013 International Conference was incredible. I met so many committed men who felt as passionate about these issues as I have always been personally and professionally. It was an inspiring experience!

Because I wouldn’t like it to happen to my mum, wife, kids or sisters.

I am a passionate advocator and researcher in family and domestic violence in Western Australia, and I am committed to ending violence against women and children nationally through increasing perpetrator accountability. I hope my knowledge and well-established networks as CEO of Stopping Family Violence will aid in shaping the White Ribbon movement to ensure it is relevant to Western Australian service providers and the broader community.

Because women are killed at a significant rate. I am passionate about social justice and education and therefore feel that primary prevention initiatives such as White Ribbon are key in driving change. There are structures in place that greatly disadvantage women and attitudes and values that lead to violence which I believe need to be challenged.

To be part of the conversation and help drive this initiative in WA.

Working with other passionate White Ribbon advocates and ambassadors.

I work in an area where you regularly see the profound impacts of violence against women and family violence, in particular. As a male it’s essential I show to other men the role they need to play in stopping violence against women. Changing society starts with yourself – asking “what can I do” to make a difference?”

I am keen to be part of something bigger in Stopping Men’s Violence Against Women, to build on the great work already done by White Ribbon and increase the profile of the movement in regional communities.

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