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Diversity Workshops

White Ribbon actively engages with Multicultural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with diversity workshops, training and forums. The programs ensure that the White Ribbon Campaign delivers the message in a culturally appropriate manner while also considering some culture specific initiatives to spread the message that violence against women is not acceptable. White Ribbon has an increasing number of Ambassadors, Advocates and Supporters from Multicultural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, who have joined hands with White Ribbon to spread the message within their communities. The Breaking the Silence Schools program and Workplace Accreditation Program ensure that these communities are well represented in other White Ribbon programs.

Online Training

White Ribbon E-Learning module  is designed to increase awareness and understanding of violence against women and how to stand up and stop this violence.

Workshops and Forums

White Ribbon also engages with the communities by organising Workshops and Forums. At the Forums the community members get together to listen to White Ribbon Ambassadors and community leaders on ways to recognize and stop men’s violence against women. Men and women then work together to discuss how they can make a difference within their communities. Forums are for about two hours and can also be held in the evenings or on the weekends.

Workshops are designed mainly for men. White Ribbon workshops are based on research and best practice. They are tailored to specific settings and communities to ensure their effectiveness and sustainability and to grow the social movement across Australia. These three hour sessions deal with topics such as understanding men’s violence against women, its impact and key drivers. It gives tips to take steps to prevent this violence, manage disclosures and stand up and speak out. These are designed to empower men who are not violent, who may be silent bystanders to be active bystanders.

Feedback from the participants:

My team and I would like to thank you for the beautiful presentation that you presented to our different communities – participant, Red Cross, Launceston, Tasmania

Thank you for the informative session – participant from Perth, Western Australia

The workshop has opened my eyes about different types of abuse. I will be more vigilant about these signs now – participant, Pakenham, Victoria.


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