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What is the Fatherhood Program?

White Ribbon’s Fatherhood Program engages men – as dads, soon-to-be dads, or those in caring roles – to create positive social change. Program participants are empowered to redefine masculinity, embrace gender equality, and learn about the importance of being positive role models to influence Australia’s future generations of boys.

Through our Fatherhood work White Ribbon engages and supports men to:

    • Better understand and appreciate their role as fathers and soon to be fathers/father figures
    • Develop, maintain and role model healthy and respectful relationships with children and their families
    • Build their capacity to act as positive agents of change in their community

To achieve this, White Ribbon’s Fatherhood Program will develop and provide:

Ultimately, the aim of White Ribbon’s Fatherhood Program is to create a cohort of non-violent, equality-minded, future-focused nurturing fathers who become more actively involved in the lives of their partners and children in ways that positively influence future generations.

Reference Group

The White Ribbon Australia Fatherhood Reference Group is comprised of 15 members from across Australia who guide the development and implementation of the White Ribbon Australia Fatherhood Program Activity Work Plan.


Key Fatherhood Program Dates

The Fatherhood Program includes workshops, roundtables and forums about fatherhood, parenting, masculinity and being positive role models. If you are interested in organising a workshop in your local area, please contact us at

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White Ribbon Fatherhood Resources

White Ribbon has developed factsheets, eLearnings, Toolkits, and checklists specifically for fathers.

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