Prevent men’s violence against women

Sporting Club Involvement

White Ribbon and sporting clubs

Sport is a critical channel for raising awareness of the importance of respectful relationships throughout codes, clubs, members and fans. Millions of men, women, boys and girls play sport at some point in their lives, and it is important that the prevention of men’s violence against women is incorporated into training, games, events and broadcasting to reach further into the community and highlight a zero tolerance approach. Sporting club involvement is important to the community drive that is needed to prevent violence against women.

What your sporting club can do

Hosting a White Ribbon Round is a fun and easy way to show your club’s support. The social impact of White Ribbon Rounds is that the Club enables men and women to start positive dialogues and reflect on their own and others attitudes and behaviours in relation to men’s violence against women.

For more information and ideas about what your club can do to get involved with White Ribbon, check out our Sports Club Engagement Framework.

White Ribbon Rounds can:

  • engage men and women of all ages
  • encourage staff, players and fans to support the cause by starting conversations, donating and sharing on social media
  • heighten the profile of the club’s work in this space
  • foster positive role modelling.

How to host a White Ribbon Round

Choose a round that your club can support and dedicate the round to White Ribbon. You may wish to coincide this with White Ribbon Night (last Friday of July) or White Ribbon Day (closest Friday before 25 November). Contact our Events Team at to learn about fun and entertaining ways to include messaging, ribbons and the White Ribbon Oath in your round.


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