Prevent men’s violence against women

Youth working with White Ribbon Australia

Why does White Ribbon engage young people?

White Ribbon Australia engages with youths (individuals aged between 15 and 24, as specified by the United Nations) as we believe they will be the ones to break the cycle of violence against women, not just in Australia but around the world.

As future workers, employers, parents, coaches, teachers and role models, it is important to work with them to help shape their future – one where everyone can live safely and free from violence. White Ribbon Australia wants to provide them a space to voice their concerns, encourage their ideas and offer them tools to prevent men’s violence against women.

We work with young people not just as leaders of tomorrow, but as leaders of today.

Youth Resources

Violence and abuse are complex issues and may be hard to talk about with friends or family. Here are a bunch of resources to help have these tough conversations. We’ve collected videos, podcasts, websites, and other resources to help young people increase their understanding of violence against women.


How does White Ribbon engage young people?

White Ribbon Australia has a range of youth-led initiatives, facilitating ideas from young people that feed into our program work. Check them out below!

Youth engagement projects

White Ribbon Australia strongly believes in young people’s capacity to bring about positive social change. We run a number of projects to empower young people to be leaders of this change in their communities.

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Youth Advisory Group

Our Youth Advisory Group (YAG) advises and supports White Ribbon Australia, and the wider social movement to prevent men’s violence against women and effectively engage young people in prevention activities.

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Youth leadership

Students have the power to bring about social change from within their schools. Learn more about how students across Australia are promoting respectful relationships.

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Get involved in the social movement

Are you a young person aged between 15 and 24? Want to be involved with White Ribbon? Let us know.


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Recognising abuse

It’s important to recognise the signs of abuse – whether you think you’re experiencing abuse or if you see/hear it happening to a friend or family member.

Types of abuse

Finding help

If you’re in immediate danger, please call 000. If you need someone to talk to, there are hotlines available for help.

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Taking care of yourself

Practicing self-care is important for young people, especially when experiencing or having experienced abuse.

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