Prevent men’s violence against women

Youth Advisory Group Members

The White Ribbon Australia Youth Advisory Group (YAG) advises and supports our work and the wider social movement to prevent men’s violence against women and effectively engage young people in prevention activities.

The 10-12 member YAG meets regularly online and face-to-face throughout the year to advise White Ribbon Australia on strategic projects and proposals. The YAG also has the power to develop and implement a new youth focused initiative each year.



Bronte Froome
Corey McCabe
Daniella Luchi
Emmanuel Khemis
Kai Martin
Mohammed Hadi Rahimi
Rachael Pascua
Rasheed Elachkar
Zahra Al Hilaly

I am passionate about reducing, and eventually, ending men’s violence against women. In particular, I am interested in the way men’s violence against women impacts the life of children. I look forward to the future change that can be made.

I study philosophy and politics at the University of Melbourne. I’m passionate about the role of young people in ending domestic violence because we are uniquely positioned to draw attention to an issue too often left in the dark.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Wollongong. I have a passion for social justice issues and struggle to be quiet about it.

If I can pass the knowledge I get through participation with White Ribbon onto my peers, we will go miles towards bringing about positive change. Youth are the future and we need to continue that movement towards a society free from men’s violence against women.

I aim to inspire young people to be part of the social change needed to prevent men’s violence against women. I want to do this by speaking publicly about domestic violence, respectful behaviours and healthy relationships. I want to lead by example and be a good role model.

Youth have a responsibility in the prevention of men’s violence against women. We all need to act together, to eradicate all forms of violence from our community. We matter and we need to embrace this opportunity to actively advocate for this cause.

As Coordinator for the R4Respect Program, a youth-led respectful relationships program based in Queensland, I’m passionate about empowering young people to enact the change needed to combat violence against women in Australia, and inspire youth to sustain healthy relationships in their own lives.

Men’s violence against women is an issue that is regularly overlooked. As a White Ribbon Ambassador and now Youth Advisory Group member, I hope to re-position this issue in the spotlight and work on preventing it alongside other passionate youth in Australia.

I am currently at university studying law with the hope of working in Human Rights Law. Being privileged enough to get an education in Australia, I believe that I have been granted this platform to speak about issues, like violence against women and children, which is prevalent yet taboo, in many different minorities.

I am currently studying Communication Design at Monash University and love the idea of design which has a positive social impact.

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Our YAG Members have made a short video to launch their appointment to the group. Check it out!

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