Prevent men’s violence against women

Case Studies

Blacktown Workers Club Group

Blacktown Workers Club is a not for profit hospitality venue who is committed to looking after its members in every possible way, providing service, comfort, entertainment, good food and a wide range of facilities to cater for every age group.


Blacktown Workers Club (BWC) is a recognised leader in its community for its strong commitment to zero tolerance to violence against women, led by the General Manager and the Board.

This leadership is demonstrated by the introduction in 2012 of the Safe Family Support leave for employees affected by family violence, expert advice, counselling and education programs for staff, an uncompromising Workplace Bullying Policy, a leadership structure plan (2016-19) to increase the depth of staff involvement. Blacktown Workers Club is very active and public in its commitment, hosting and sponsoring events, fundraising and resourcing projects that support victims of violence.


The baseline and follow up staff surveys show that staff have a greater understanding of what constitutes violence against women and staff participation in activities is growing. Blacktown Workers Club Group’s reputation as a leader is well deserved and will be reinforced as the Club continues to engage and educate its staff, evaluates risks and current programs, and improves and innovates its strategies.

As the Human Resource Manager of the Club I get to see all too often the effects of domestic violence on employees and the domino effect this has on their children. We would like to provide an ongoing safe environment for victims and help them maintain their sense of independence by the introduction of our Safe Family Support leave.

DP World Australia

DP World Australia’s operates marine terminals for container handling with operations at ports in Fremantle, Port Botany, West Swanston and Port of Brisbane with head office located in Sydney. DP World Australia has achieved significant cultural change over a short period of time and is to be congratulated for their efforts. An increasing focus on reducing violence against women has been integrated within a broad approach into the Our Compass program.


  • The cultural change motivated through Our Compass demonstrates the high priority given by the organisation to this issue and the integration of domestic violence within this framework represents a strategic way forward.
  • White Ribbon Day activity has been promoted and events held in a range of locations in 2014. Further events are planned for 2015. At all these events, the CEO and other senior staff have spoken about the organisation’s zero tolerance culture and the support for White Ribbon.
  • The Workplace Behaviour Policy covers all aspects of inappropriate workplace behaviour including sexual harassment and giving staff clear guidance about compliance with the policy, reporting of inappropriate behaviour and actions that will be taken in light of a complaint. The Workplace Behaviour communication document provides clear communication to staff about this policy.
  • The Domestic Violence Support Policy and Procedure – discussed elsewhere in this assessment provides an exemplary set of policy and procedures for managing issues of violence against women.
  • The DP World Australia website clearly and unequivocally states the organisation’s zero tolerance approach.
  • DP World Australia has demonstrated best practice in its policy actions and communication.


  • Achieving White Ribbon accreditation has formed a major plank of efforts to change organisational culture and the leadership of DP World Australia have approached the program with rigor and commitment.
  • Staff resources have been allocated to the project and significant activity has occurred.
  • The organisation has performed very credibly with regard to the White Ribbon Program standards
    Overall work in Leadership and Commitment [1] and Responses to Violence against Women [3].

This initiative has been chosen to form a key component of our Corporate Responsibility Strategy and to drive positive messages to all DPWA employees about the right kinds of behaviours both at home and at work. – Paul Scurrah, CEO DP World Australia and White Ribbon Australia Ambassador.

Central Highlands Community Legal Centre

Central Highlands Community Legal Centre (CHCLC) is a not for profit organisation that provides free generalist legal advice, information and casework to people who live, work and study in the Central Highlands region. CHCLC provides face to face and telephone services from our main office in Ballarat and provides services on a monthly basis to outreach locations such as Ararat and Stawell.


  • CHCLC wore white to work every Friday throughout October to showcase our commitment to equality and respect in the workplace.
  • White Ribbon workplace community bbq with assistance from the Ballarat White Ribbon Committee.
  • Social Media campaigning throughout the year but in particular October and November.
  • White Ribbon Working Party and ensuring that the White Ribbon Accreditation Program is included in the agenda of its Committee of Management and staff meetings.
  • Strong internal and external communications regarding its WR program
  • High level of collaboration with relevant expert agencies and with local community agencies. The organisation has taken thorough measures to assess and manage risk to employees of violence in the workplace, e.g. in assessing and managing risk to staff of home visits to clients, and risk to staff working in isolation on organisation’s premises.


  • CHCLC is well advanced in its implementation of White Ribbon initiatives, thoroughly integrating them into day-to-day activities such as staff meetings, and into its policies and procedures. The organisation has taken thorough measures to ensure that there is support at work for employees experiencing violence, by developing comprehensive internal policies and by supporting managers to deal appropriately with disclosures. For example, there is a specific clause on Family Violence in its Policies and Procedures, which includes detailed information on how the organisation will respond in the event of a staff member disclosing family violence.  The collection of White Ribbon information is integrated into all relevant organisation documents such as exit interview forms.
  • Its systematic approach to policy review inspires confidence that the organisation will continue to implement and improve its White Ribbon program into the future.
  • The results of the Baseline and Follow-up surveys indicate that awareness of VAW issues has improved during the time that WR initiatives have been implemented in the organisation. For example, there has been a notable improvement in the bystander intervention responses. i.e. every survey respondent (70% of workforce) said “they would say or do something to show they didn’t approve if they were present when someone at their workplace used sexist language to describe women”.

Family Violence makes up a substantial part of the work undertaken by the Centre. The Centre provides a Family Violence Duty lawyer Service at the local Court each week and provides advice and casework in the office. Our Community Legal Education program for 2014 is focused on the prevention of Family Violence with staff heavily involved in Family Violence networks and projects. – Program Administrator.


G4S is an integrated security solutions company working across multiple government jurisdictions that include Prison Management, Court Security, Prisoner Transport, Police Support Services, Electronic Monitoring and Domestic Violence Monitoring Services. The Program seemed like a natural fit, given G4S’ clientele and the growing awareness of domestic violence in Australia. Even though many people in prison have been affected by domestic violence, G4S had not previously considered how much their employees and clients (partners, police and mental health professionals) were exposed to people impacted by domestic violence. G4S wanted a way they could leverage their corporate position to help society by tackling domestic violence issues both within and outside of their business.


  • White Ribbon’s strong reputation and the turnkey process they offer were important factors in G4S’s decision to pursue the accreditation. White Ribbon is very well recognised and respected throughout Australia.
  • All of the G4S Executive Team worked on the company’s domestic violence policy, procedures and action plans. They received training in how to recognise and respond to domestic violence in the workplace.
  • G4S has policies, procedures and documentation in place to promote gender equality and that underpin its commitment to prevent violence against women. This policy framework is extensive, well thought through and well integrated and designed to achieve a workplace free of harassment and violence, where people are valued and supported, and where ethical conduct is the norm.
  • G4S has engaged with an expert organisation so that its staff are offered high quality support around family violence and G4S have ensured that the support and referral services are in place for victims of domestic and family violence.


G4S received their White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation in late 2016. Company awareness of domestic violence, how to recognize and respond to it, increased significantly. This process and the learning that came with it have made their staff better at their core business as well, since many of the men and women incarcerated have experienced domestic violence.

Almost two years ago we came to understand that domestic violence is not just a personal issue, it is a workplace issue as well. We felt that as an organisation with a diverse workforce, it was our responsibility to lead the way and therefore we joined with White Ribbon in the belief that we need to make violence against women a men’s issue too.” – G4S Australia, New Zealand Managing Director Dennis Roach

The company culture has changed to one that thinks of equality and caring for one another as status quo. They have regular staff awareness and domestic violence prevention (White Ribbon) fund raising events, regularly review all policies for gender awareness, give to domestic violence shelters through employee volunteer activities or prison work projects, and are proud to be the first Australian company in their industry to achieve White Ribbon Accreditation.

The G4S White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation has been an extremely valuable initiative on many fronts, one of the greatest impacts we’ve seen is our staff coming together as a stronger workforce and creating a positive change in raising awareness of men’s violence against women – Rachel Owens, Director – Strategy and Operations

Adaptation from APEC report on Public and Private Sectors’ Strategies to Prevent Gender-based Violence, Reduce Costs and Develop Capacity in APEC Economies


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