Prevent men’s violence against women

Get your university or TAFE involved

Universities, as conduits for social change, play a pivotal role in shaping Australia’s future by addressing the norms, attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence against women.

All women deserve the right to learn safely and freely, and everyone, from vice chancellors to students, has a role to play.

Your university or TAFE should have formal policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of students and staff, address inappropriate behaviour and provide support for those experiencing violence.

As the next generation of Australia’s leaders, your commitment to the White Ribbon message is essential to ensure positive cultural change for the future.

Here are a few simple ways you can grow the movement in your own life:

Safely stand up to violence against women and lead by example in all that you say and do

The White Ribbon Oath is more than just a statement of support for the White Ribbon cause. When you swear the Oath you make a commitment to lead by example, to be a role model and to intervene safely when needed.

Raise awareness with your friends and peers

You can:

  • set up a White Ribbon club or society on campus – visit your student union, association, guild or SRC to gather the information you need to begin setting up
  • discuss the issue with your sporting club, social club, networks and peers
  • post a blog or write an opinion piece on gender equality and violence against women for your university or TAFE newspaper
  • get social – use your social networks like Twitter and Facebook to spread the White Ribbon message. encourage other clubs to do the White Ribbon eLearning and live the White Ribbon message
  • host a forum, documentary screening or round table and ask an Ambassador to speak
  • make gender equality or violence against women the topic of your next thesis
  • encourage your university or TAFE to adopt a gender equality strategy if it doesn’t already have one

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