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Working with diverse communities

Engaging every community

White Ribbon Australia is part of a movement that actively engages men to be part of the social change needed to stop domestic violence. Men’s violence against women impacts every community.

With the support of the Federal Government, White Ribbon reaches out to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and those from multicultural backgrounds to prevent violence against women.

Diversity Reference Groups

Two reference groups with key stakeholders from multicultural & Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities advise White Ribbon on strategies for engaging with these communities. They meet regularly to help shape White Ribbon messaging, resources and programs and make them culturally appropriate.

What we do

The White Ribbon diversity program:

  • engages with the multicultural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • develops community capacity to prevent domestic violence by organising forums and participating in the events
  • organises workshops for men, supports them to be role models and confront domestic violence
  • provides resources which are relevant and appropriate such as simple English or translated factsheets, videos
  • encourages men and women to commit to the cause of stopping men’s violence against women by becoming White Ribbon Ambassadors, Advocates and supporters
  • encourages and supports the communities to organise forums and White Ribbon events to spread the message
  • ensures that diversity and inclusion are at the forefront when drafting key policies, frameworks and models.

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