Prevent men’s violence against women

STOP Kit – Supporting Materials

Additional resources to help you prevent violence against women

Women's Centre for Health Matters

What to Say

Advice on what to say when you have to say something about sexual violence.

Women's Centre for Health Matters

Summer of Respect

A series of innovative anti-violence initiatives.

Women's Health West

Speaking publicly about preventing men's violence against women

Curly questions and language considerations.


Ten steps you can take to help end violence against women

Practical steps and knowledge can influence your actions to eliminate violence against women.


Know your A-Z

Prevent violence against women – alphabetically.


How you can support families, friends & neighbours.

Your help can make a great difference to someone who is abused.


For Men

Resources for men who are using violence, or who have been abused.


Relationship advice for men

MensLine Australia is a telephone and online counselling service for men with family and relationship concerns.

Other Support Services

Find help through White Ribbon

Support Services and Domestic Violence Hotlines are available to you through our website.

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