Prevent men’s violence against women

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Training increases understanding

White Ribbon delivers a range of eLearning and training to increase understanding of violence against women and how to stand up and stop violence against women before it happens by addressing the root causes of violence.

White Ribbon training is based on research and best practice. Training is tailored to specific settings and communities to ensure its effectiveness and sustainability and to grow the social movement across Australia.

Targeted training programs

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eLearning course – Understanding and preventing violence against women

White Ribbon Australia encourages all Australian men and women to undertake this free online course. By so doing you will:

  • further your understanding of the causes, types, prevalence and impact of violence against women
  • learn how to support someone experiencing violence
  • learn some practical skills to help you speak up and safely take action to stop violence against violence.

This course is particularly suitable for people living in regional and remote areas where access to training can be limited.

Course topics

The course covers:

  • understanding violence against women
  • the impact of violence against women
  • gender inequality and drivers of violence against women
  • debunking myths about violence against women
  • primary prevention
  • managing disclosures
  • safely standing up to violence.

The course features an interactive glossary, live YouTube links to a range of national and international videos, and a list of Australian national, state and territory support services.

What you will need to complete the course

You can complete the course on any web-enabled computer or mobile device.

The course takes about two hours to complete. You can log in and out as many times as you like over a four week period. When you have finished the training you can download and print your certificate of completion.

Start the course

The development of this elearning course, Understanding Violence Against Women, has been supported by the Victorian Government and Aussie Farmers Foundation.

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