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Articles and publications

This page provides a list of articles, research, resources, opinion pieces and other publications relevant to domestic violence and abuse, gender equality, and the prevention of violence against women in Australia.


Men: How to make a difference to gender equality
Diversity Council of Australia. (2017)

Men as Allies in Preventing Violence Against Women: Principles and Practices for Promoting Accountability
Pease, B. (2017)

A toolkit for men: How to prevent men’s violence against women
Flood, M. (2011)

Factors influencing attitudes to violence against women
Flood, M. and Pease, B. (2016)

Gender equality and violence against women: What’s the connection?
Australian Institute of Family Studies
Wall, L. (2014)

Addressing notions of masculinity that drive conflict
Wright, H. (2015)

White Ribbon NZ Fatherhood toolbox to support them developing their son’s respectful behaviour as vital form of violence prevention.
Baker, G. (2016)

The effects of pornography use among adults and young people
Flood, M. (2016)

The Day the White Ribbon Campaign changed the game
Kaufman, M. (2011)

The Excuse Interpreter: Discover the hidden meanings of common expressions that can excuse disrespectful behaviours towards girls.
Commonwealth of Australia (2017)

The Respect Checklist: A practical checklist to help parents and family members to identify some important aspects of respect to talk about with children.
Commonwealth of Australia (2017)

Engaging Men in Men’s Violence Prevention: Exploring the Tensions, Dilemmas and Possibilities
Pease, B. (2008)
Deakin University


Genders at work: exploring the role of workplace equality in preventing men’s violence against women.
Flood, M and Holmes, S. (2013)

Gender Equity Insights 2017: Inside Australia’s Gender Pay Gap
BCEC and WGEA (2017)

Domestic violence leave a small cost to employer but priceless for victims
The Guardian, (2017)


Domestic Violence Infographic: A National Crisis

Technology-facilitated abuse: The new breed of domestic violence
ABC News (2017)

Bystanders don’t often intervene in sexual harassment – should they?
ABC News (2017)


Australian Domestic and Family Violence Death Review Network Data Report 2018
Published May 2018 and provides data on intimate partner homicides that have occurred across Australia between 2010 and 2014.

Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) 2016 Personal Safety Survey (PSS) Findings
This publication presents results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) 2016 Personal Safety Survey (PSS), conducted from November 2016 to June 2017.

The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022
Initiative of the Council of Australian Governments
Easy to read version

Third Action Plan 2016 – 2019: Of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010 – 2022
An initiative of the Commonwealth, state and territory governments

Domestic Violence in Australia
Commonwealth of Australia (2015)

Change the Story:
A shared framework for the primary prevention of violence against women and their children
Our Watch, VicHealth, ANROWS (2015)

Putting the Prevention of Violence against Women into Practice: How to Change the Story
Our Watch (2017)

Domestic Family Homicide in Australia
Australian Institute of Criminology
Cussen, T. & Bryant, W. (2015)

Royal Commission into Family Violence
Neave AO, M; Faulkner AO, P and Nicholson, T. (2016)

Not Now, Not Ever: Putting an end to Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland
Bryce, Q and the Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland (2015)

A Right to Safety – South Australia’s Women’s Safety Strategy 2011 – 2022
Office for Women, Government of South Australia

Taking Action: Tasmania’s Primary Prevention Strategy to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2012 – 2022
Community Development Division, Department of Premier and Cabinet

Domestic and Family Violence Reduction Strategy 2014-2017: Safety is Everyone’s Right (NT)
Northern Territory Government

Prevention of Violence against Women and Children Strategy 2011-2017 (ACT)

Western Australia’s Family and Domestic Violence Prevention Strategy to 2022
Department of Child Protection, Government of Western Australia

It Stops Here: Standing together to end domestic and family violence in NSW
NSW Government (2014)

Safe Homes, Safe Families: Tasmania’s Family Violence Action Plan 2015 – 2020
Department of Premier and Cabinet, Tasmania (2017)

Reducing violence against women and their children
Australian Government
Department of Social Services (2015)

Violence against women: Key Statistics
ANROWS (2014)

A platform for action: Responding to Violence against culturally and linguistically diverse women and their children
Department of Social Services (2015)

A Conversation in Gender Equality
Australian Human Rights Commission (2017)


Femicide Census UK: Profiles of women killed by men
Brennan, D. (2017)


Change the Course: National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities
Australian Human Rights Commission (2017)

The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to examine innovative legal responses to intimate homicide in the UK, USA and Canada
Gibbon, K. (2015)

Not Just ‘Revenge Pornography’: Australian’s Experiences of Image-Based Abuse
Henry, Dr N; Powell, Dr A; Flynn, Dr A. (2017)

Addressing Financial Abuse: A Domestic and Family Violence Community Resource Guide
Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Domestic Violence NSW (2017)

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