Call Me Dad

Q&A with Director Sophie Wiesner

Q: What inspired you to make this film?

A: My mother’s father was very violent… and my mum grew up in a small country town, and neither she nor my grandmother ever really spoke about what happened at home.

Q: How did you get access to the counsellors and men in the group?

A: With David and Jacqui, the two counsellors, it’s their relationship with the participants that enabled my own relationship with those in the group to develop. It took time, they needed to trust that I would tell their stories honestly and with care. They (David and Jacqui) are very compassionate, very skillful and very brave people.

Q: What does the group think of the film?

A: They feel the film is a very realistic portrayal of the work they do – it portrays both the successes and the limitations of their work… Mens Behavioural Change Programs do not change all men and it is not the answer to every family’s problem, but it can change some men and improve the safety of women and children.

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