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Domestic violence statistics

Statistics surrounding domestic violence and non-physical abuse bring to light how prevalent violence against women in Australia is. Key findings show how violence against women impacts the home, workplace and wider community. Below are some important statistics.

For the latest figures, please view the ABS’ 2016 Personal Safety Survey Findings site or download the Australian Domestic and Family Violence Death Review Network 2018 Report.

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stat 2

stat 3

stat 4

stat 5

stat 6

stat 7

stat 8

stat 9

stat 10

stat 11

stat 12

stat 13

stat 14

stat 15

stat 16

stat 17

stat 18

stat 19

stat 20

stat 21

stat 22

stat 23

stat 24

stat 25

stat 26

stat 29

stat 30

See alsoViolence against women: Key statistics and Accurate use of key statistics‘ from ANROWS.

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