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Domestic Violence Laws

As a primary prevention organisation, White Ribbon Australia is unable to offer any specific legal advice. If you are seeking legal advice, we would recommend that you look at the Find Help page of our website where you are able to find local legal services, filtered by state.

Domestic violence laws and legislation relating to violence against women varies between each state and territory.

If you are in need of support, we would also recommend that you contact 1800 RESPECT, the National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service. They are a free, 24/7, completely confidential phone or online counselling line.

White Ribbon Australia continues to advocate for the strengthening of laws across Australia to ensure the acknowledgement and protection of victims, and accountability of perpetrators of violence against women. You can find out more about our advocacy work here.


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Domestic Violence Orders

Applying for a DVO, AVO or ADVO can vary from state to state. Visit the Family Violence Law site for information about how to get a DVO, what happens when one is in place, what happens if someone breaks a DVO, and the types of things that they stop.

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Child Protection

During legal proceedings related to domestic violence, children can often be affected. The Family Violence Law site has information about Child Protection Law, including what to do if the Department want to talk to you about your children or remove them, how to get them back, and how to manage court proceedings.

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Family Law

Domestic violence can often result in divorce or separation, division of property after separation, how to get child support, navigating family law in court, and finding arrangements for children. Visit the Family Violence Law page for support or answers to many of these questions.

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