Physical abuse

What is physical abuse?

Physical abuse happens when a person uses physical force against another person. Physical abuse can start slowly and inconspicuously, for example with throwing an object or a slap, and get more intense or worse over time.

Signs of physical abuse

A person can experience many different types of physical abuse. Physical abuse includes:

  • shaking, slapping, pushing, punching or scratching
  • kicking
  • spitting or biting
  • trying to strangle or choke
  • using weapons
  • driving dangerously
  • destroying property and throwing things
  • abuse of children or pets
  • locking someone out of their house or in the house
  • sleep and food deprivation
  • forced feeding
  • physical restraint e.g. pinning against the wall or bed.

Abusive relationships can move through a cycle of violence that includes periods of tension and calm. This can make it difficult to leave a physically abusive relationship.

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What to do if you are experiencing physical abuse

If you are in an abusive relationship or need to talk to someone, you can find help now.

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