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Technology-facilitated abuse

What is technology-facilitated abuse?

Technology-facilitated abuse is when someone harasses, threatens, monitors or impersonates another person continually using technology. This type of abuse can occur between strangers, but most often occurs alongside other types of abuse in domestic and family violence.

Technology is not the problem, the abuser’s behaviour is. However, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re being the safest you can while using technology. Use eSafety Women’s technology checkup to see how you can be safer using your technology.

Signs of technology-facilitated abuse

There are four main areas of technology-facilitated abuse:

  • Harassment – leaving constant phone messages, texts, emails, social media comments.
  • Monitoring/stalking – tracking a person’s whereabouts using mobile apps, tracking via online banking, hacking into a person’s accounts (email, social media, bank accounts), limiting access to technology.
  • Impersonation – posting false information about someone online, pretending to be someone else to monitor a person.
  • Threats – threatening to share intimate photos/messages (image-based abuse), “revenge-porn”, getting other people the threaten via calls, messages or social media.

Learn more about the other types of abuse that some men use against women.

What to do if you are experiencing technology-facilitated abuse

If you are in an abusive relationship, you can find help now.

Find out more information about online safety and reporting abuse at eSafety Women.

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