Prevent men’s violence against women

Violence against men

Violence against men and other forms of violence

Men’s violence against women is not the only form of violence. White Ribbon acknowledges that violence is experienced by both men and women.

The majority of domestic violence victims in Australia are women, and this is most likely to be perpetrated by a man. At the same time, female domestic violence against men and in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) relationships occurs too.

All forms of violence are unacceptable.

Because different kinds of violence have different causes and effects, violence prevention campaigns need a central focus to be successful in their mission.

White Ribbon Australia engages men to highlight the positive role men can play to stop domestic violence and other forms of men’s violence against women. White Ribbon Australia tailors messaging and tools to achieve this mission.

Working together

There are other organisations working to stop violence against men and other forms of violence through evidence-based action and best practice.

White Ribbon Australia actively promotes and supports external initiatives via a national awareness campaign and through primary prevention programs. This is part of the White Ribbon Australia community based model to draw on external expertise rather than to reinvent the wheel.

Information on organisations working to stop violence against men and other forms of violence can be found on our support services page.

Hopefully the work done between us will see the elimination of all forms of violence one day.

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