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White Ribbon Youth

Youth involvement with White Ribbon

Youth involvement in the White Ribbon social movement is crucial to ending men’s violence against women. It’s by engaging young Australians that the cycle of violence will be broken and disrespect of women will end.

Behaviours, social skills, relationships and ideas about men, women and gender roles are all formed in adolescence. Exposure to harmful messaging around gender stereotypes sets young people up with harmful views about the ways men and women interact and what’s socially acceptable.

Ending men’s violence against women is an important issue to young Australians. White Ribbon’s Young Ambassadors and Advocates, Youth Advisory Group and Breaking the Silence schools program engage young people in this important issue.


Young Ambassadors and Young Advocates (YAYAs)

White Ribbon Ambassadors and Advocates under the age of 25.  They receive training and guidance from White Ribbon Australia to promote the engagement of men, gender equality and respectful relationships to prevent men’s violence against women.

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Youth Advisory Group

A group of young men and women who advise White Ribbon Australia on youth issues.

Breaking the Silence Schools Program

A free, professional learning program for school principals and teachers, creating White Ribbon Schools across Australia. Students become involved with White Ribbon activities through school.

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Get involved with White Ribbon Australia

Are you a young person aged between 15 and 24? Want to be involved with White Ribbon? Let us know.


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We have a whole bunch of resources you can check out and share. They’re really useful to better understand the issue of men’s violence against women, spark conversations and help you call out bad behaviour.

We know it’s a complex issue and may be hard to talk about with your friends. Some young people have created videos in support of White Ribbon, telling everyone why they care about ending men’s violence against women.


Violence and abuse is never okay

Recognize the signs, get help and take care. Remember that it is never okay and never your fault.


Recognizing abuse

It’s important to recognize the signs of abuse – whether you think you’re experiencing abuse or if you see/hear it happening to a  friend or family member.

Types of abuse

Finding help

If you’re in immediate danger, please call 000. If you need someone to talk to, there are hotlines available for help.

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Taking care of yourself

Its especially important to take care of yourself if you have or are experiencing abuse. Do things that bring you joy, find safe spaces to go and talk to people you trust. You can show them one of our factsheets if they’re unsure how to support you.


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