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White Ribbon works in domestic violence primary prevention – specifically,
education and advocacy. We do not provide counselling or support services.

If you or someone you know is experiencing violence, and need help or support,
please visit our Hotlines page or our Support Services page for local assistance.
Call 000 for Police and Ambulance help if you are immediate danger.


I need help with my fundraiser!

Please visit our Events page for ideas, how to register, different fundraising challenges you can join, and free event resources.

Where is the closest White Ribbon event I can attend?

Please view our Event Map to find your closest White Ribbon registered event.

Other Event Enquiries?

Please visit our comprehensive Events & Fundraisers FAQs page for all queries regarding your White Ribbon activities. It answers queries regarding registration, rules, and our Events contact details.

How do I request an Ambassador or Advocate for my event?

To request a speaker you will need to register your activity/event on our online form. Inside the form, there’s a section for requests. The Ambassador/Advocate team will receive the request once your event has been approved. Requests for speakers for White Ribbon Day closes at 5pm, 31st October. Requests will reopen again from the 1st December.

If you have forgotten to add the request in on your form, please email events(@) A minimum of 14 days is required for a speaker request.

How do I deposit funds raised from my events?

By utilising the online events portal and your fundraising page, you won’t need to worry about transferring your donations, this will be taken care of for you. To add cash donations, you can do so on your fundraising page via the offline donations section within your event portal.

If you have recently hosted an event, and did not create a fundraising page, and wish to deposit your funds, please do so at the link below.


Where can I buy White Ribbon merchandise?

Please visit our online store to purchase ribbons, posters, clothing and other accessories to support White Ribbon Australia. If you wish to find a physical retailer, please visit the following outlets.

What are the expected delivery times?

For Sydney Region
• Orders made before 11am can be delivered in 1-3 business days with standard service, 1-2 business days with express service.
For other regions
• Orders made before 11am can be delivered in 3-7 business days with standard service, 2-4 business days with express service.

Other Enquiries?

For all enquiries relating to merchandise purchases, please click the link below to email sales(@)


How can I make a donation?

There are different ways you can choose to donate, including regular, one-off and in memory of. Please visit our Donations page.

I cannot make an online donation and need to make a bank deposit.

If you require alternative deposit methods, please email accounts(@)

Where do donated funds go?

As an organisation which receives less than 10% of our funding from the Government, we rely on the support of generous individuals, communities and corporate Australia to enable our work. Please see how your donations are used to prevent men’s violence against women.

I’d like to donate pre-owned or surplus goods to help women

As a primary prevention organisation, our focus is on education and advocacy. Other organisations focus on providing support services or shelters to women-in-need.
Please make your donations of goods to these service providers.

Other Enquiries?

Please email accounts(@) for all other account enquiries including invoices and remittances.


How do I become an Ambassador?

If you would like to know more about our Ambassador program or nominate someone to become an Ambassador, please visit our Ambassadors page.

How do I become an Advocate?

If you would like to know more about our Advocates program or nominate someone to become an Advocate, please visit our Advocates page.

Other Enquiries?

Please visit the Ambassadors and Advocate pages for further FAQs. If none of your questions are answered, please fill out our Contact Form.


How can my workplace become a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace?

To learn about our Workplace Accreditation Program, please visit the White Ribbon Workplaces page.

How can my workplace become a Sponsor or Corporate Supporter?

If you have an enquiry in relation to partnering with us, please email partnerships(@)

I want to report a HR issue at my workplace.

Unfortunately, White Ribbon are not HR advisors and do not deal or mediate specific workplace HR issues. Please liaise with your internal HR contact, or alternatively the Fair Work Ombudsman. If the matter is related to a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace, please email the Workplaces team at workplaces(@),au.

How do I find my local White Ribbon Committee?

To learn more about our committees and to find where your local one is, please visit our Committees Page.

How can my sports club get involved?

There are plenty of ways sports clubs can get involved and spread the message, including hosting a White Ribbon Round. For more information, please email sports(@)

Still have a question about our Workplace Program?

If you have an enquiry in relation to the White Ribbon Workplaces Accreditation Program, please email workplaces(@)


What programs do you have for schools and children?

We have a Schools Program which trains teachers to deliver Respectful Relationships education. Please visit our Breaking the Silence Schools Program page.

What programs do you have for youth and colleges?

If you would like to learn more about how young people, colleges and universities can get involved, please visit out Youth & University pages.

Other Enquiries

If you have an enquiry in relation to our Schools Program, please email our Schools Team.

If you are a young person or have queries around our Youth programs, please email our Youth Team.


Can we interview a staff member for our school or university project?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of enquiries like this and limited resourcing, it is our policy to not participate in interviews for school or university projects. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Where can I find statistics on violence against women?

We have collected the latest facts and figures on men’s violence against women on our Statistics and Rates page. These statistics show you the impact of male violence on women and children in Australia.

Queries about our research and statistics

Our expert research team use statistics and data from only referenced and reputable sources, including ANROWS and the ABS. We periodically review all data and also conduct independent research for policy, advocacy support, and to measure social impact.

Our statistics page and inclusion in documents, follows the ANROWS guidelines on ‘Accurate Use of Key Statistics’.


What about men who are experiencing violence at the hands of a woman?

White Ribbon believes that all forms of violence are abhorrent and acknowledge that men can be victims of violence as well as women. We deem all forms of violence as unacceptable.

As different kinds of violence have different causes and effects, violence prevention campaigns need a central focus to be successful in their mission. To learn more about our mission and history, please visit our About Us page.

Why do you focus on male violence against women and children?

White Ribbon acknowledges that violence is experienced by both men and women. However, the majority of domestic violence victims in Australia are women and children, and this is most likely to be perpetrated by a man.

As different kinds of violence have different causes and effects, violence prevention campaigns need a central focus to be successful in their mission. The White Ribbon movement was ignited as a response to the gendered violence of the Montreal Massacre in Canada.

Where to get help for males who experience violence?

Please contact Mensline Australia on 1300 789 978. They have trained staff providing specific support for men and boys 24 hours a day.

You can also contact Relationships Australia on 1300 364 277 for help. They offer support groups and realtionship counselling for abusive and abused partners of any gender.


Where can I get marketing resources?

White Ribbon resources such as posters or the supporter logo can be found on our Resources Page or can be purchased from our Online Store.

I need a specific logo, banner and/or special permissions regarding branding and collaboration.

If you require a specific logo or need permissions from White Ribbon regarding our branding, please email marketing(@)

Media Enquiries?

Please direct all media enquiries to or call 02 9045 8444 and select [1] for marketing.

What is White Ribbon’s position or comment on the recent violent incident in the news?

We cannot comment on ongoing investigations that have the potential to undermine police work and proper judicial processes.

Please refer to our Media Release and Updates page for our official response to key issues, news and events.

How can I share my story/experience as a survivor of men’s violence against women?

Thank you for wanting to share your story with us. Unfortunately, as a small team of staff we are unable to review and incorporate all survivor stories shared with us. The stories that have been shared by us in our campaigns and through the media have been rigorously vetted over an extensive period of time from long-term key relationships, like those from our Supporters, Advocates and Ambassadors.

If you would like to join White Ribbon in preventing men’s violence against women, we encourage you to register as a White Ribbon Supporter.

I have created something that I’d love for you to promote or collaborate on.

As outlined in our Event Terms & Conditions, we are unable to support certain types of events and activities. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to sponsor/promote/endorse most projects, nor feature them due to a lack of resources to accommodate the large number of requests we receive.

Please check the Terms & Conditions, and if you believe you meet this criteria, you can email our marketing team with your idea.


Contact Us

If you have an enquiry that has not been answered on this page, please feel free to use our Contact Us form. This secure form also provides you the option of us contacting you regarding your queries and concerns.

Postal Address

White Ribbon Australia
PO BOX 6303
North Sydney
NSW 2059

Telephone Contact

NSW Contact Number: 02 9045 8444
Outside NSW Contact Number: or 1300 967 298
Fax Number: 02 9045 8499

This is such an important issue in today’s society, how can I help?

To volunteer or find out how you can support the cause, please visit our Supporters Page.

When is White Ribbon Day?

In 2018, White Ribbon Day in Australia is Friday 23 November. To learn more about the change of date and to find future dates, please visit the White Ribbon Day FAQs page.

White Ribbon Night is on the last weekend of July every year.

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